What is SWADE?

The Seniors West Australian Digital Expansion project (SWADE) is a project aiming to expand digital literacy and support for older people throughout Western Australia.  A successful grant application by ASCCA to Good Things Foundation under the umbrella of the federal Department of Social Services and the Digital Literacy for Older Australians initiative, to deliver the Be Connected program in 2018 was the seed ASCCA needed to establish collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships with local stakeholders and partners in Western Australia.  


Who’s Linkwest 

Our vision is for vibrant, inclusive, connected communities, and our mission is supporting Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centres to develop those vibrant, inclusive and connected communities in Western Australia.

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Who’re ASCCA? 

ASCCA is the national peak body for seniors and technology

Our mission is to assist clubs to educate seniors in using computer technology to enrich their lives and make them more self-reliant.

We bridge the generation gap and assist seniors to benefit the community through their collective experience and knowledge.

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What is Be Connected 

Be Connected is an Australia wide initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world. We have online learning resources as well as a Network of community partners – the Be Connected Network – who offer in-person support, so you can develop your digital skills and confidence. Find a local place for friendly help and advice or join the Network to help others.

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What’s a Network Partner

A member of a national network of community organisations helping older Australians thrive in a digital world.

Be Connected Network Partners have access to resources, grants and collaboration opportunities with other network partners.

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Who’s Good Things Foundation?

Established in 2017, Good Things Foundation Australia is a for-purpose organisation that aims to support the more than 3 million digitally excluded Australians. Whether limited by availability or ability, these individuals miss out on critical opportunities. Good Things Foundation bridges this gap through targeted digital inclusion initiatives and resources. 

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What is a Capacity Builder?

Capacity Builders are ambassadors of the Be Connected Network and are delivering innovative outreach projects to build the Network and engage Australians over 50 to learn digital skills. Each Capacity Builder has a unique approach to engage their community with the support of Good Things Foundation.

They are all connected by their commitment and passion for digital inclusion.

What Grants are available to help Seniors 

As part of the Be Connected program, there are a range of grants available to community organisations in the Be Connected network to support older people in their communities to embrace digital.

There are three different kinds of grants available to Be Connected partners:

Activation grants

Activation grants are one-off grants awarded to new organisations joining the Be Connected network. All partners who join the network before August 2019 will be able to apply for a one-off $2,000 grant. The activation grant is designed to get you started in the Be Connected network, and for the funding, we expect partners to register at least 30 older people over 10 months (15 if located in outer regional, remote or very remote areas). You’ll need to register learners through the Be Connected website, and further guidance on how to do this is provided to all network partners. Funding can be spent on anything that will help you support older Australians to gain digital skills, including new devices, broadband fees, or expenses for digital mentors or volunteers.
Activation grants are available until August 2019, with applications assessed and funding awarded on a monthly basis.

 Building Digital Skills grants

Good Things Foundation is inviting all partners who have registered 24 people onto the Be Connected website (12 people if you’re in an outer regional, remote or very remote area), with or without having received an activation grant to apply for a Building Digital Skills grant from 1 May 2018. 

There are six different contract sizes to apply for, depending on how many people you’re able to support. Contracts range from $2,500 to $15,000. Organisations with multiple branches or locations can apply for a block of grants.

Funding will be awarded in four phases throughout the year.

Capacity Builder 

Capacity Building grants will be allocated to large-scale community organisations who have strong existing networks. Capacity Builders will act as ambassadors for Good Things Foundation, provide support and mentoring to organisations in the Be Connected Network, and develop innovative approaches to delivering digital literacy programs to over 50’s in their community. 

Can my organisation apply for Be Connected Grants?

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