Below are the speakers of the 2012 Conference. Where we have been given permission to include their presentation on our site, the title is underlined in blue. Click on it to view.

In some cases, the slidehows included here do not include all aspects of the presentation where speakers included live demonstrations. We have also had to remove videos from the slideshows as they made the files too large to download.

Some speakers have also included handouts and we have listed other relevant links.

Keynote Speakers

Peter Blasina

Peter Blasina
The Gadget Guy

Technology Directions
Where is technology going?  What is the next revolution in Tech? What are the winning and losing gadgets? Let the Gadget Guy take you on a ride into the future.

Howard Bashford

Howard Bashford
Co-founder, FinerDay

Safe Intergenerational Social Networking – Today and the future
FinerDay is a free, secure social network for all ages. Safety online is increasingly important. Howard will demonstrate FinerDay and provide an insight of how social networks will support healthcare.

Senator Doug Cameron

Senator Doug Cameron
Senator for New South Wales

New Broadband for Seniors website launch by Australian Government
Funded by the Australian Government, the Broadband for Seniors initiative provides seniors with free access to computers, the Internet, peer to peer and online training. Integral to the delivery of this training is the Broadband for Seniors website. NEC Australia has been delivering Broadband for Seniors since 2008 and in 2012 has redeveloped this new website.

Press release on the new website

NEC presentation by David Cook

Bharath Mohan

Bharath Mohan
Windows Client Specialist, Microsoft

The Windows Story: Windows 8, Devices & SkyDrive
This session will talk about Microsoft’s Windows strategy; give attendees a look at the new Windows 8 operating system, its features for collaboration and also some of the exciting hardware that it will be running on.

Dr George Margelis

Dr George Margelis

The Future of Ageing: Does technology really make it better?
As we look forward to a better ageing experience, how do we make use of technology to help make it better, and what do we need to do to make sure it does. Consumer engagement and participation is the key.

Cora Num Cora Num
Founder of the CoraWeb: Websites for Genealogists site

The Way I Work: Then and Now
Computers and technology have changed the way we research our family history. See how we did it Then and learn how to do it the Now way.

Cora Num's Family History Handout


Nerida O'Loughlin

Nerida O’Loughlin
Executive Director, Digital Switchover Taskforce

Australia’s digital-only TV future
The digital TV switchover has reached its hallway mark. Nerida will talk about the ever changing TV landscape with a focus on how Australian seniors are embracing new digital-only TV technology.

Hon Susan Ryan AO Hon. Susan Ryan AO
Age Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission

Building on the Successes of the Seniors Computer Clubs
How we can take it to the world

Links for Susan Ryan

Jant Zanetis

Janet Zanetis
National Education Advocate, CISCO

Travelling the World without Leaving Home
We will learn how seniors in the U.S. are using video technologies to interact with museums, cultural centres and art galleries from their retirement communities.

Concurrent Speakers

Julie Bucknell

Julie Bucknell
Katanning Community Resource Centre

How to get the best results when working with people – OR –
‘The Lone Ranger didn’t have friends for a reason’

‘There is no I in Team’ so cheesy, but so true.  We must remember when we join a club that others have as much right to a say as we do.

Jim Cook Jim Cook
President, Carrington Computer Club for Seniors, Camden NSW

August 2001 – A Trilogy
An insight into the  planning, establishment and administration of a seniors computer club within a retirement village, freely available for the benefit of village residents and eligible seniors in the surrounding local area.

Ken Curwen

Ken Curwen
President, SeniorNet Ipswich

Teaching Digital Photography
Ken Curwen has taught digital photography and the Adobe Photoshop Elements editor for eight years.  He will share some of his experience and techniques in this session.

Ken Duncombe

Stephen Duncombe
Technology Team Leader, CHOICE

The Changing Face of Personal Computing
Steve Duncombe heads the team which produces CHOICE Computer magazine, which won Best Magazine at the national IT Journo Awards three years running. Steve has been with CHOICE for over five years, testing the hardware, software and services that people use every day and investigating the technology issues that affect us all.
Keith Harvey

Keith Harvey
Muswellbrook Seniors Computer Club and Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre Broadband For Seniors Tutor

Blackboard Collaborate: Taming the ‘Tyranny of Distance’
A live demonstration of the Blackboard Collaborate system showing how relevant, quality, real time training and participation can easily be delivered, regardless of members physical location or travel handicaps.

Handout for Blackboard Collaborate session

Link to the recorded session

Stuart Jones Stuart Jones
Director, SecurE-Commerce

Buy Online with Confidence and Security
Buying online can be an enjoyable and productive experience, however its convenience has potential for increased security risks.  This presentation offers tips to stay safe while buying online.

SecurE-Commerce logo

Michael McKinnon

Michael McKinnon
AVG Security Advisor

Online Security - Tips and Tricks
Current online threats: including fake antivirus, ransomware, malware and scam emails.
Ways to stay safe: including updating, strong passwords, safe browsing habits and online protection.


Sarah Magoffin Sarah Magoffin
External Communications Manager
Australian Communication Exchange

Emerging Technologies for Hard of Hearing
ACE is a not for profit organisation and the leading service provider for deaf, hearing and speech impaired Australians.

Patrick Luetjens

Patrick Luetjens
Senior Manager of Consumer Selling, eBay

How to Buy and Sell on eBay
An introduction to effective searching and buying on eBay, with detailed information on how to make money by selling unwanted items on the site

David and Cora Num

David and Cora Num

Am I smart enough for my smartphone?
A newbies learning journey with a Smartphone. Tips and tricks for:
Books, music, family history, cloud synching, scanning, GPS, grandchildren's entertainment, travelling, managing apps, battery, screen capture/layout…

David and Cora Num's Smartphone handout

Kim Phillips
Kim Phillips
Spirits of Gallipoli Project

The Spirits of Gallipoli
This presentation will look at the history of the campaign and the men of the AIF.  Details of the project and how to research your soldier will also be covered.

Link to the Spirits of Gallipoli website

Stuart Smith Stuart Smith
Senior Research Officer, Neuroscience Research Australia

Interactive Digital Technologies for the Health and Wellbeing of Older Adults
At Neuroscience Research Australia, we are examining how videogame technology can be used to increase compliance with exercise in older adults. In particular, we are assessing the effects of exercise-based videogames to reduce the risk of falling, a major barrier to continued independence.

Annette Stuckey Annette Stuckey
ASCCA Director, Secretary Westlakes Seniors Computer Club

Simple things you can do in Live Photo Gallery
The demonstration will include strengthening, panorama, redeye reduction, retouching and fusing tools

Eric Whitehouse
Eric Whitehouse
ASCCA Director

Training in our Broadband Future
An overview of what ASCCA is researching to make the use of online training software more suitable for Seniors when designing courseware. What are the minimum skills needed to ensure success?

Eric Whitehouse's Online Training Paper

Jennifer Willcox Jennifer Willcox
Executive Officer, Walpole Community Resource Centre

Community Resource Centres in WA
Walpole Community Resource Centre is a member of the WA Community Resource Network (WACRN) which builds on one of Western Australia’s longest running and most successful regional community service programs

Jennifer Wilcox's presentation notes