Augusta Community Resource Centre

66 Allnutt Terrace, AUGUSTA, , 6290,

The Augusta Telecentre is a not for profit community service organisation. It provides resources and technology which are usually difficult to access to the rural community. It is open to all residents in the Augusta region.

Phone(08) 9758 0002

Boyup Brook Community Resource Centre

86 Abel Street, BOYUP BROOK, , 6244,

Phone(08) 9765 1169

Bridgetown Community Resource Centre

150 Hampton Street, BRIDGETOWN, , 6255,

The Bridgetown CRC provides the full range of IT training and information including specialised training related to identified IT related issues such as iPads, mobile phones, etc.

Phone(08) 9761 2712

Brunswick Junction Community Resource Centre

1 Ridley St, BRUNSWICK JUNCTION, , 6224,

Brunswick Junction is a town in the South West of Western Australia, situated along the South Western Highway between Harvey and Bunbury.

Phone(08) 9726 1452

Bunbury Seniors Computer Club

23 Island Queen St, WITHERS, , 6230,

We provide information and training in response to members' needs in various kinds of computer hardware and devices - as well as information and training in various software programs and apps.

Phone(08) 9795 4755

Busnet Computer Club

22 Peel Terrace, BUSSLETON, , 6280

Phone(08) 9751 4581

Citiplace Community Centre

Wellington Street, PERTH, , 6000,

The Centre aims to provide services to meet the needs of people 55 years and over who represent a growing sector of our community. People with disabilities are especially invited to use the facility.

Phone(08) 9461 3550 / (08) 9461 3552

Corrigin Community Resource Centre

55 Larke Crescent, CORRIGIN, , 6375,

The Corrigin Resource Centre provides access to services, information and technology for the purpose of employment; adult learning and business enterprise. We also manage and support projects within the Corrigin community. Any community members or groups ...

Phone(08) 9063 2778


61 Kitchener Ave, VICTORIA PARK, , 6100,

Phone(08) 9472 0104

Donnybrook Community Resource Centre

Old Station Masters House SW Highway, DONNYBROOK, , 6239,

The Donnybrook Community Resource Centre is a community organisation offering access to; and training in; the use of information technology for disadvantaged community members to address issues of poverty; illness; isolation or other disadvantages.

Phone(08) 9731 2177