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ASCCA ran free events in SENIORS WEEK 2012!


Seniors Week 2012 Collage

'Library in the Sky' Expo on Wednesday 21st March

Held in the SMSA Building Level 1, 280 Pitt St

Welcome by Nan Bosler - ASCCA President

Kumar Pereira - Seniors Week Ambassador, Graphic designer, Celebrity Chef

Kerrie Westcott & Sophie Wright - Cybersafety Programs, DBCDE
Socialising Online should be fun and easy

Matt Chapman - Windows HED Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Windows 7 – from your Camera to the PC to the Cloud

Don Reid - Playwright, author of Codgers and Biddies.
The Digital Age – You made me love you, I didn’t wanna do it...

Information Stands:

  • YouTube  (ASCCA)
  • Google Search & Google Maps (ASCCA)
  • Internet Movie Data Base (ASCCA)
  • Facebook & Twitter (ASCCA)
  • Information about Cybersafety (DBCDE)
  • Carers NSW
  • Take the Teacher Home


ASCCA Members and Trainers on SBS

SBS YouTube 'World News Australia' channel: Saving Elder's Stories

Free Introductory Taster Sessions

held on 22nd and 23rd March at 280 Pitt St

  • Beginners: for People Who Have Never Used a Computer
  • Find Out what the Internet Has on Offer for You
  • Social Networking Isn’t Only for the Young!
  • Hands-on Window-Shopping Experience on eBay