10th Australian Seniors Computer Conference
Wednesday August 27 and Thursday August 28
Powerhouse Museum
ASCCA's 10th conference was at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

Conference participants came from nearly every state.


Nan Bosler

Nan Bosler, OAM - Opening Remarks

Nan Bosler is the president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA).

The president's Opening Message can be downloaded as a PDF (205 KB).

Mike Robey

Keynote speaker: Mike Robey, Executive Director at Telstra

Peter Blasina

Keynote speaker: Peter Blasina

Matthew Connell, Curator Powerhouse Museum

Cyberworks: computers and connections

Brian Graham

Brian Graham - DVD Maker in Windows Vista

Brian's presentation can be downloaded as a PDFfile (1224KB)

Sirkka Duncan

Sirkka Duncan - SMS: talking with text on your mobile phone

Sirkka Duncan, ASCCA's training officer gave a presentation on Talking with text.

It can be downloaded as a PDF file (1821 KB).

James Donohoe - The Rum Rebellion: the Petticoat Perception

James Donohoe's presentation can be downloaded as a PDF (347 KB).


Alex Varley

Alex Varley - Connecting your community through Captions

Alex Varley's presentation can be downloaded as a slideshow (543 KB)


Brian Hindes



Brian Hindes - Digital Photographs before and After with Picasa

Joan Craymer

Joan Craymer - Creative Story Writing

Joan's presentation can be downloaded as a set of notes (145 KB)

and as a slideshow (3874 KB).

Spotlight on Clubs

View the Hills slideshow which you can download as a PDF file (2229 KB)


Nan Bosler - ASCCA's 10 years of Commitment

Nan's opening address acknowledging 10 years of commitment can be downloaded as a paper (133 KB) or a Slideshow (373 KB)

Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen - Microsoft- Trustworthy Computing: Making the Computer Safer and Easier to Use

Peter Cullen's presentation  can be downloaded as a PDF file (305KB).

Finding Funding

Nan Bosler also took part in a panel of experienced club volunteers. Her presentation on Finding Funding for clubs can be downloaded as a a set of notes PDF (68 KB) and as a Slideshow PDF (610 KB)

Ken Morley

Ken Moorley - Is the Vista Compelling?

Ken Moorley's presentation about Windows Vista operating system can be downloaded as a PDF (87 KB).

Diane Brentnall

Diane Brentnall - Customise Your PC using Webshots

Diane Brentnall's demonstration on Webshots was presented by Brian Hindes.

It can be downloaded here (334 KB)

Rita Alexandrou


Rita Alexandrou, Microsoft - Office 2007

Rod Duckworth

Rod Duckworth - Networking

Quantum Technology - Technology to Aid Vision

Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin - YouTube

Deborah's presentation on YouTube can be downloaded as a PDF (159 KB).