Our President, Nan Bosler talks about this year's theme.

In 2020, ASCCA is moving its annual conference online and embracing
the theme of ‘Living your best online life’.

This year, we want to reflect the positive changes seniors have made, and can make, to adapt to the world they live in. A big emphasis will be on content that is actionable for the audience.

Taking advantage of the online format, our audience will be able to join
us from their living room or any connected device for only $15 per
ticket (plus booking fee), or if safe, in groups at their local computer and
technology club.

We have invited top quality speakers to provide our seniors with
inspiration in a number of different formats, with one stream being live
and then a second stream enabling audience members to access a series
of pre-recorded content from interesting speakers and sponsors.
We will also host a range of ways that sponsors can connect with our
audience including virtual stands and lead up communications.