Seniors Week 2014ASCCA is hosted free information sessions for over 150 seniors in Seniors Week 2014!

Skype Sessions

 Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson's Presentation

Rebecca Wilson's Website

ASCCA Sign in Desk

iPad Demonstration

Gail Kenning Website

Starts at 60

Our events have been made possible by a grant from NSW Family and Community Services


Skype Lesson

Health and Wellbeing Expo

Kumar Pereira

Kumar Pereira's Presentation

Kumar Pereira's Website

Auditorium Audience


U3A NSW Website

Launch of Balance and Bones DVD

Skype Lessons

ASCCA Seniors Week Program

ASCCA Seniors Week Program 

Gail Kenning

Gail Kenning's Presentation

Gail Kenning's Website
 Fair Trading Stand

NSW Fair Trading Website

Kumar Pereira Website 

Seniors Week 2014 Collage