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Speakers at the 2017 Conference

Included in this list are presentation slides that we have permission to use.

We were also given permission to video some speakers. Once they are edited, they will be uploaded to our YouTube channel ASCCAau and also linked to the speaker here.

The Hon. Tanya Davies

The Hon. Tanya Davies

Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Women and Minister for Ageing


Tanya Davies. Prior to her election as the Member for Mulgoa at the 2011 NSW State Election, Tanya worked tirelessly for her local community as a Councillor on Penrith City Council. Following her re-election to Parliament in March 2015, she was promoted to Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Affairs and Homelessness. In January 2017, she was sworn in as the NSW Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Women and Minister for Ageing.

Tanya’s vision is that all older people across NSW, regardless of age or ability, can experience the benefits of living longer and enjoy opportunities to participate in, contribute to and be included in their communities. Through the NSW Ageing Strategy 2016-2020, she is committed to ensuring NSW manages the challenges and maximises the opportunities created by an ageing population.

In 1996 Tanya married her husband, Mark, and they are raising their two young children in Western Sydney.

Official Opening


Francesca Astolfi 

Francesca Astolfi

Acting General Manager, Digital Economy
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Francesca Astolfi has over 20 years’ experience leading strategic policy across a range of industries for the Australian Government, most recently in offshore petroleum environment and safety policy. For the last year Francesca has been Acting General Manager for Strategic Policy and Digital Economy and is currently leading the development of the Government’s national Digital Economy Strategy.

The Digital Economy: Opening up the Conversation

Rapid developments in technology and science are changing the way we live, work and do business and are influencing the way we interact with each other every day. These changes come with challenges for our industries, work places and communities. They also present opportunities to increase wellbeing and secure Australian jobs and prosperity. The Australian Government has announced the development of a national Digital Economy Strategy that will focus on ways governments, businesses and the community can adjust to and seize the benefits of digital transformation. The Government has opened up a conversation with all Australians and we’re asking for your ideas to help develop the strategy.

Francesca Astolfi's presentation


 Julie Beadle

Julie Beadle

PhD Candidate, The MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University

Michael Spikmans

Michael Spikmans

PhD Candidate, The MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University

Julie Beadle received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2015. Julie is currently a PhD candidate at The MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University, Australia. In collaboration with the Australian Hearing Co-operative Research Center, Julie is investigating how cognitive processes such as attention and memory are used when seniors try to understand speech in difficult listening circumstances, as well as how and when visual cues may aid understanding.

Michael Spikmans has completed a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology, and a Master of Science in Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Michael is currently a PhD candidate at The MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University, where he is investigating whether non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, eye gaze behaviour, head rotation, and vocal affect can be reliable indicators of mental states associated with lack of understanding. The aim is to develop automatic means of assessing these cues.

Research Designed with Seniors in Mind

At the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney University, we research changes in the way people understand speech and emotions as they age. At the 19th Australian Computer Conference for Seniors, we would like to share the interesting results we have found already and give individuals the opportunity to get involved.


 Jeff Brand

Jeff Brand


Bond University

Professor Jeff Brand is an internationally recognised and nationally awarded career academic in the discipline of communication and media with expertise in quantitative research methodology, an intellectual interest in policy for the digital economy, and leadership experience in tertiary operations and governance. In 2013 he was awarded a national Excellence in Teaching Citation from the Australian Office of Learning and Teaching for using Minecraft as a Virtual Learning Environment. He serves in multiple senior management roles and is the author of the Interactive Australia and Interactive New Zealand series of national computer games audience studies an over 50 other publications. 

Older Australians Should Play Video Games: Here’s Why and How

Older Australians play video games. This reality is it the intersection of new and profound knowledge about ageing well: challenging the brain with interactive games promotes successful ageing. Successful ageing is defined as engaging with life, maintaining physical and mental fitness and maintaining social interactions. This talk presents an interesting angle on debates about video games, shares research and provides examples of the opportunities for using games as we age. It demonstrates the wonder of technology when applied in proactive and unexpected ways.


 Kellie Britnell

Kellie Britnell
Program Manager, Office of the eSafety Commissioner

Kellie Britnell is the program manager for Outreach and Education for the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. With over 25 years in education, Kellie is responsible for developing, implementing and managing national eSafety related training programs and resources for many audiences, including sporting and community groups, indigenous, corporates, tertiary students and law enforcement. Kellie provides strategic advice on new and emerging technology trends related to the government’s eSafety responsibilities and is a highly experienced and expert presenter in the field of well-being, eSafety, privacy awareness and digital citizenship.

Keeping kids safe online: the role of tech savvy seniors

Although you may not know the latest app the kids are using, and you might not be snapping photos of every cake you bake to share on social media, you possess an incredible asset in the digital age—your terabytes of life experience and wisdom. This presentation will give you the low-down on what young people are doing on their devices and where to find useful information to help you join their conversations and artfully share some tips to help them stay safe online.


 Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown
Technology Commentator

Charlie Brown is a leading commentator on the technology lifestyles of Australians.

He is the Today Show’s resident technology expert, and regularly appears on other Nine Network programs, including National Nine News. Charlie is also the executive producer of CyberShack TV, Australia’s only free-to-air, half-hour program dedicated to showcasing the latest in home entertainment and consumer electronics. In addition to Television, Charlie appears regularly across radio, print and the web. He hosts Life & Technology, a weekly radio program on Sydney’s 2GB, writes regular columns for TV Week magazine, publishes CyberShack.com.au and has an ever-growing social media following.

When Charlie’s not busy talking about the latest and greatest gadgets and innovations, he is the founder of CBN Media, a content production business specialising in helping the world’s best technology brands explain their latest technology innovations.

Tech Trends and Products

Charlie Brown's website is 



 Teresa Corbin

Teresa Corbin

Chief Executive Officer


Teresa Corbin is a co-founder of ACCAN, Australia’s peak body for communications consumers. Ms Corbin worked in various roles at Consumers’ Telecommunications Network (CTN) before taking on the role there of CEO in 2003.

She has 20 years of experience in telecommunications policy and her community sector work spans a 25-year period and includes strong ties with consumer groups both nationally and internationally. Teresa is a director on the International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG). She was appointed to the role of ACCAN CEO in 2010 and currently sits on many industry and government bodies including the ACMA Consumer Consultative Forum and the NSW Information Privacy Advisory Committee.

In 2015, she was awarded the Charles Todd Medal by the Telecommunications Society for having made an outstanding contribution in recent years. Teresa is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and she holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Linguistics from La Trobe University.

Consumer Top Tips on nbn, Internet of Things and Staying Connected

This presentation will outline key issues for consumers to be aware of when switching to the nbn, or when buying and installing connected devoces. There will be an overview about the Internet of Things, as well as a quick look at safety in the always-connected world.

Teresa Corbin's presentation


 Amber Dornbusch

Amber Dornbusch

Head of nbn Local



What you need to know about the nbn

With 3 million premises connected to the nbn™ access network across the country, it’s more important than ever to understand exactly what you need to know to make the most of your nbn™ connection.

Amber Dornbusch will explain the roll out of the nbn™ access network, as well as what you need to consider when making the switch to nbn™.  


Amber Dornbusch's presentation


 Keith Harvey

Keith Harvey

Computer tutor

Keith Harvey is an experienced computer user and trainer. He is a member of Westlakes Seniors Computer Club and a lifetime member of Muswellbrook Computer Club.

He and his wife Sandra live in Toronto NSW and both have been buying items online for many years. His foray into computers started many years ago with punched tape and has never stopped. He has a passion for helping seniors to learn how to use computers and the internet which he does as a tutor with the Broadband for Senior’s system and presentations at Westlakes.

In the last couple of years he has found some previously unknown sporting genes in the game of golf croquet.

24x7 Retail Therapy – Browse and Buy Online

Shopping, banking, paying bills, booking trips and venues etc online are rapidly growing. We also greatly prefer to continue living in our own home for as long as we can. Online shopping enables this. It is in the interest of all seniors (not just your spouse) to at least know what is available, how easy it is to do and simple precautions to take. This session will take you through the basics and some places to get your fix.

Keith Harvey's presentation

Keith Harvey's Handout


Warren Henry

Warren Henry

Author of 'The Ark in your Pocket'

Warren Henry was born curious. Small wonder then that he includes 24 years as a Private Investigator in a resume of careers that have included wine production, export, film making, management training and hospitality.

His curiosity now focuses on the issue of modern family, and how mobility and technology have come to undermine our ancestral connections and sense of belonging.

His new book, The Ark in your Pocket, addresses a dilemma facing modern family. How do we maintain bonds of intimacy and togetherness when we live ever further apart? He reveals new ways to preserve and pass on the best bits of family, the stories of who we are and where we came from.

Warren and his wife of 23 years live at Avoca Beach, New South Wales Australia. He has three adult children.

The Ark in your Pocket: How to keep your family connected for thousands of years

How are you going to pass on what’s been important in your lifetime to your children and their children?

Not just the property or the family valuables, but the memories, keepsakes, ancestral stories and traditions that made your family what it is.

The Ark in your Pocket is an easy 5-step process to assemble and produce a digital collection of family treasures in a way that today’s generations will love and future generations will be fascinated by. We’ll discuss data file formats, media types and other issues related to long term curatorship and archival.

Warren Henry's presentation


 Julie Inman Grant

Julie Inman Grant

eSafety Commissioner 

Julie Inman Grant has extensive experience in the non-profit and government sectors, and spent two decades working in senior public policy and safety roles in the tech industry at Microsoft, Twitter, and most recently Adobe.

Julie’s career began in Washington DC, working in the US Congress and the non-profit sector before taking on a role at Microsoft. Julie’s experience at Microsoft spanned 17 years, serving as one of the company’s first and longest-standing government relations professionals, ultimately in the role of Global Safety Director for safety policy and outreach.

At Twitter, Julie headed up Public Policy for Australia and South East Asia, managing a range of public policy issues, including online safety and countering violent extremism. Julie also built Twitter’s ‘Rules and Tools’ for safety, and conceptualised and piloted #PositionofStrength, which now serves as Twitter’s global female safety and empowerment program.

Most recently, Julie served as Director of Government Relations Asia Pacific at Adobe, where she worked with governments across the region on issues such as innovation and digital transformation, creativity and STEM skills development and cybersecurity.

The new digital generation: older Australians online

Established in July 2015 with a primary focus of improving the online safety of Australian children, recent legislation has expanded the mandate of the eSafety Commissioner to now help all Australians have safer online experiences. As part of this expanded role, the eSafety Commissioner is working in partnership with the Department of Social Services to deliver the Be Connected initiative—helping older Australians obtain the skills and confidence they need to enjoy the benefits of digital technology, while staying safe online.

Julie Inman Grant's presentation






Learn about Apple’s Accessibility Story and how devices are built to be accessible right out of the box.

Find out some practical tips for personalising your iOS devices with features like Siri, Health, Find My Friends, iCloud and more. 

This session is focused around learning how to use the built in features on iPhone and iPad.

You’ll learn something new for you to use, as well as something to share with others.

Notes from this presentation


 Patrick Hines


Patrick Hines

Community Coordinator 

Microsoft Store

Patrick Hines is one of the Community Coordinators at the Microsoft flagship Store in Sydney. As a Community Coordinator my role is to help Microsoft give back to local communities through the organisation and execution of events that bring the communities together in Store or at outside venues for workshops, seminars or other events. Prior to this I was studying to be a Primary School teacher but found I can do all the same things I wanted to do as a teacher in my current role at Microsoft!

Getting the most out of Windows 10

Is your computer not running as fast as it used to? Do you have a tonne of files sitting on your hard drive? Are you worried that you might have a virus? Do you want to learn more about getting your computer running the way it should?

In this event we’ll walk you through OneDrive, Edge and Windows Defender and how to keep your device and your data safe.

This is one of many workshops we offer at the Microsoft Store in Sydney and we invite everyone to come in to learn more.

The Microsoft Store is located at Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street Mall, next to Sephora.


Mr K and his Little Technicians

Mona Vale Public School

Matt Kelson

 Primary Teacher

Greg Jones

Principal of MVPS

and 3 Tech Savvy Students


 21st Century Learning in the Classroom

Matt Kelson will show how he uses technology in the classroom. Greg Jones will talk about the importnace of implementing technology in the schools. The students will demonstrate ho they use technology in the school, and in their daily lives.


 Sue Martin

Sue Martin

Avalon Computer Pals

Sue Martin has had a commitment for a number of years to demystify computers and empower people to develop the confidence to use technology in their everyday lives. Although now retired, initially Sue was an English/History teacher. She then became interested in I.T. and, from the late 1980s, taught English and Computing Studies to secondary school students. In the mid 90s, the NSW Department of Education appointed Sue to help teachers integrate computing into their teaching and learning. As a Senior Curriculum Advisor, she was the project manager for a number of educational websites including NSW HSC Online.

Your Digital Legacy

Recently a young person in his 30s died. He had not made a will and no one knew his passwords. It proved extremely difficult even to identify with whom he banked because he did everything online with no paper records.
Anyone with an email account now has a digital presence and digital assets. It is therefore important to create a record of your digital assets: email addresses, passwords, banking, images, accounts, online payments and all your devices so that your executors can easily access and finalise your affairs.


 Kara Owens

Kara Owens
NSW Learning and Development Consultant


Joel Thornton

Joel Thornton
Learning and Development Consultant

Kara Owens is a member of Samsung Australia’s Learning and Development team and works across the mobile category to travel the country and train Samsung staff, partners, media and the general public. Kara is an expert across all Samsung mobile products.

Joel Thornton has worked with Samsung Australia for more than four years as part of the Learning and Development program where he spends time presenting and training Samsung staff, partners, media and the general public on the latest in Samsung mobile technology.

Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Samsung Electronics Australia will be a presenter at the annual ASCCA Conference to showcase the latest innovations in its Galaxy tablet range.

Samsung Galaxy tablets offer a range of options for multiple purposes and support both Android and Windows operating systems.

Samsung trainers, Kara Owens and Joel Thornton, will present the 2017 tablet range and discuss how attendees can find the best tablet for their needs, which new features to look out for across the tablet range, and how to get the most out of their Samsung tablet.


 Shannon Roos

Shannon Roos

Conexu Foundation

Shannon Roos has an IT background, especially in accessible technology and new developments. He is very familiar with the needs of people with a hearing loss and is able to share valuable information as well as demonstrate what is out there that will assist people with a hearing loss.

Accessibility Communication Technology helps better access to community life

Conexu will show examples of how smart technology and apps can help make life a little easier. Especially when trying to communicate with others and your hearing loss makes it difficult. Conexu has created some accessible apps and there are useful apps and devices (eg; captel phones) in the mainstream that could be useful to many people as they get older.


 Yvette Sims

Yvette Sims

Branch Manager, Multicultural and Communities Branch,  Department of Social Services


Helen Milner

Helen Milner OBE

Chief Executive

Good Things Foundation

Yvette Sims is an experienced and innovative leader with a proven track record in Federal Government. Her focus is strategic and she brings a balanced and practical perspective to challenging policy issues and organisational change. Her leadership style is about empowering team members, and connecting with internal and external stakeholders to influence change. Personally, she is a highly motivated individual with an on-going desire to seek out opportunities to add breadth and depth to her skills.

Yvette commenced her career as a graduate at Ernst & Young and spent a number of years in the private sector before joining the Australian Public Service, where she has held a diverse range of senior positions, predominantly in policy roles spanning whole of government administration and social policy.

Yvette has a combined Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts degree from the ANU majoring in accounting, art history and anthropology.

Helen Milner OBE is the Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation, a staff-led charity that works with over 5,000 hyper-local community partners in the UK, Australia and Kenya supporting people to benefit from everything the internet has to offer, and driving digital and social inclusion. Since 2010 her organisation and their local partners have helped more than 2 million people to cross the digital divide. Helen has over 30 years’ experience of developing internet education services and content in the UK, Australia and Japan. Helen was awarded an OBE for services to digital inclusion in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in June 2015. In 2017 she won the coveted title of Digital Leader of the Year (UK).

Be Connected -- improving the digital literacy of older Australians

Be Connected is a new Australian Government initiative to help improve the digital literacy and online safety for older Australians aged 50 years and over. Older Australians have the lowest rate of online participation of all Australians and are missing out on important information and services that is increasingly only available online. People with low internet skills can also be isolated from their community and family at a time in their lives when feeling connected is vitally important. Through Be Connected, older Australians, their families and carers, and community organisations will be able to access a dedicated website with a host of basic digital information and learning tools and resources. Older people will also be able to get help through the Be Connected Network, a large group of community organisations being established across Australia to provide one-on-one, face-to-face coaching and support to older Australians.

Yvette will be providing an outline of the Be Connected Program and Helen Milner of Good Things Foundation (the Be Connected National Network Manager) will talk about the Be Connected Network and what it can offer to ASCCA members and other community organisations.

Yvette Sims' presentation

Helen Milner's presenation


 Ben Shepherd

Inspector Ben Shepherd

Acting Manager

Media Services

NSW Rural Fire Service

Ben Shepherd witnessed first-hand the devastation of the 1994 Sydney bush fires and helping his local community fight the fires. Ben joined the Terrey Hills Rural Fire Brigade on Sydney’s Northern beaches as a volunteer firefighter in 1994.

In 2006 Ben secured a full time staff position as an Operations Officer based at the NSW RFS State Operations Centre, fulfilling a long-time dream of turning his passion into his career.

In 2008 Ben was seconded to NSW RFS Media Services for a two-month period to assist with communications across the fire season. Ben remains in Media Services and has been the Acting Media Manager for the past four years.

Utilising technology to access emergency information

Ben will provide an overview of the importance of using multiple sources to access important emergency information to stay safe. From websites to social media and smartphone applications, the use of technology is vital in providing and accessing emergency information.

Ben Shepherd's presentation

NSWRFS YouTube Channel: 


NSWRFS Website: 


Video of Ben Shepherd's presentation


 Shane Treeves

Shane Treeves

Head of Social Communications

Google Asia-Pacific

Shane Treeves completed a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Sydney and received first class Honours in Marketing.
At University, Shane was elected as a Board Director of the University of Sydney Union and was also the founding Vice-President of 180 Degrees Consulting. 180 Degrees Consulting started in Sydney in 2009 with just 40 consultants and has now gone on to become the world's largest student consultancy with offices in more than 30 countries around the world.

Shane has been working full time at Google for the last five years and was recently named as the overall Grand Prix winner in B&T’s 30 Under 30 awards.

Machine Learning at Google and Beyond

Shane will speak about how machine learning is being used to make Google products more useful and how Google is working to bring the benefits of machine learning to everyone — to help tackle important social problems such as health, the environment and more.


Dr Monica Trujillo

Executive General Manager, Clinician and Consumer Engagement and Clinical Governance & Chief Clinical Information Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Dr Monica Trujillo is responsible for leading clinical and consumer engagement ensuring consumer and clinician centred high quality and safety programs are developed across the Agency.

Her role ensures the implementation of a strategic approach to consumer and clinical engagement, clinical governance, safety, system design, functionality and usability of products and services, and contributes to broader development goals by ensuring Australia has a safe and robust digital health system.
Her approach to consumer engagement and patient experience provide valuable insight to the planning, design and implementation of the Agency’s work program.

Previous to this position, Dr Trujillo was the Chief Medical Information Officer at UnitingCare Health, Australia's first, as well as being the Regional Director of Medical Services for St Stephen’s Hervey Bay and the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital. In this role, she was well known for her leadership and passion to fully and effectively engage clinicians in the design, implementation and sustainability of digital health solutions, in order to bring about high patient quality and safety outcomes.

Prior to her tenure with UnitingCare Health, Dr Trujillo worked in the public sector as Executive Director, Medical Services for Townsville Hospital and Health Service in Queensland, Australia.
She is also the vice chairperson of the HIMSS Asia Pacific Governing Council.

Dr Trujillo obtained her degree in Medicine and Surgery, Universidad del Valle, Colombia in 1998. She holds an AMC Certificate 2000, Masters of Public Health 2005, and has been a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators since 2009.

Australian digital health: What does this mean for you?


 Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Technology Editor Technology Evangelist iTWire.com

Alex Zaharov-Reutt is one of Australia’s most well-known technology journalists, appearing on TV, radio, in print, online and at YouTube. He is the technology editor at iTWire.com, and hosts his own TV technology program at his YouTube page and via iTWire.com. If you want to know about technology, Alex has the answers, showing us all how technology is our friend, and not our Terminator-like enemy.

Fantastic new technologies and cool tech tips with Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Want to see cool technologies available now and coming next year? What about some great tips on getting more from your smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac? For a fun, entertaining, informative and amazing presentation you’ll be telling your friends about, then Alex’s highly anticipated closing ASCCA keynote will be one you won’t want to miss!

Video of Alex Zaharov-Reutt's presentation


David Bennett

David Bennett

ASCCA Director

David Bennett has been a director of ASCCA since 2005. David worked in the computer industry from 1958 until his retirement in 1996. He was involved in the design and manufacture of computer systems hardware, later specialising in software systems for manufacturing industries. He was a consultant and president of the UK “Just in Time” group, who worked to improve the manufacturing processes in large companies, such as Hoover, Sony UK, Nissan UK and Sunrise Medical.

After coming to Australia, joined Northern Beaches Computer Pals as a trainer and soon became involved in the organisation and development of the club. When Avalon Computer Pals was formed he became a founder member and spent three years as a trainer and member of the committee.

David wants to continue working on widening communication between member clubs, using webcam and internet links for interactive participation between member clubs and will allow them to get maximum benefit from their ASCCA membership.

David is MC for the Conference


 Nan Bosler OAM

ASCCA President

Nan Bosler has been heavily involved in volunteer community work for almost 60 years. She has worked with and for people of all age groups and levels of ability, with particular emphasis on the needs of older people and those with a disability. She is a published author and presents regularly at conferences in both Australia and overseas. She revels in the fact that she is a great grandmother.

Nan is the foundation president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and seeks to empower older people by encouraging them to use modern technology.

Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

A successful conference should pose questions and challenge assumptions. It should open doors and inspire new ideas for the future.