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Hon John Ajaka MLC

The Hon
John Ajaka


The Hon John Ajaka Member of the NSW Legislative Council, Minister for Ageing, Minister for Disability Services and Minister for Multiculturalism.

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council.


Keynote Speaker

David Bennett

David Bennett

ASCCA Director


David Bennett has been a director of ASCCA since 2005. David worked in the computer industry from 1958 until his retirement in 1996. He was involved in the design and manufacture of computer systems hardware, later specialising in software systems for manufacturing industries. He was a consultant and president of the UK “Just in Time” group, who worked to improve the manufacturing processes in large companies, such as Hoover, Sony UK, Nissan UK and Sunrise Medical.

After coming to Australia, joined Northern Beaches Computer Pals as a trainer and soon became involved in the organisation and development of the club.When Avalon Computer Pals was formed he became a founder member and spent three years as a trainer and member of the committee.
David wants to continue working on widening communication between member clubs, using webcam and internet links for interactive participation between member clubs and will allow them to get maximum benefit from their ASCCA membership.

David is MC for the Conference

Nan Bosler

Nan Bosler

ASCCA President


Nan Bosler has been heavily involved in volunteer community work for almost 60 years.  She has worked with and for people of all age groups and levels of ability, with particular emphasis on the needs of older people and those with a disability.   She is a published author and presents regularly at conferences in both Australia and overseas. She revels in the fact that she is a great grandmother.
Nan is the foundation president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and seeks to empower older people by encouraging them to use modern technology.

Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

A successful conference should pose questions and challenge assumptions. It should open doors and inspire new ideas for the future.

Diane Brentnall

Diane Brentnall



Diane Brentnall has recently retired from ASCCA as Training Coordinator and is now working as a volunteer at Radio 50 Plus on the Central Coast.  Prior to this Diane was instrumental in setting up and running a number of Seniors Computer Clubs notably COTA and has been a guest speaker at many clubs. Diane has been involved with ASCCA and its clubs since 2001.

Smartphone or Tablet Which One is Right for me?
Using the Android operating systems on Samsung Galaxy Edge 6 phone and the Samsung Tablet, we will look at using both devices comparing similarities, ease of use for specific tasks and software applications. If this is your first step into Smartphones we will investigate different models and of course the all-important cost, where can you get help all for free online.

Please note that this does not cover Apple devices.

Video of Diane Brentnall's presentation

 Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Technology Commentator


Charlie Brown is a leading commentator on the technology lifestyles of Australians.

He is the Today Show’s resident technology expert, and regularly appears on other Nine Network programs, including National Nine News. Charlie is also the executive producer of CyberShack TV, Australia’s only free-to-air, half-hour program dedicated to showcasing the latest in home entertainment and consumer electronics. In addition to Television, Charlie appears regularly across radio, print and the web. He hosts Life & Technology, a weekly radio program on Sydney’s 2GB, writes regular columns for TV Week magazine, publishes CyberShack.com.au and has an ever-growing social media following.

When Charlie’s not busy talking about the latest and greatest gadgets and innovations, he is the founder of CBN Media, a content production business specialising in helping the world’s best technology brands explain their latest technology innovations.

Tech Trends and Products that are Exciting Me Most This Christmas

Dr Scott Ewing

Dr Scott Ewing

Senior Research Fellow
Swinburne Institute for Social Research


Scott Ewing is a Senior Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology’s Institute for Social Research. He has more than twenty years’ experience as a social researcher, both at Swinburne and in the private sector.  He is currently managing the Australian Digital Inclusion Index project that will help inform and promote public policy, commercial and program responses to enhance digital inclusion in Australia.

Scott has considerable expertise in information policy, the social impact of new technologies, and the use of quantitative data for social research and policy. He is the author of numerous articles analysing the social impact of new technologies.

Engaging older Australians online

In 2012-13 only 46% of people aged 65 or more used the internet and three-quarters felt confused about using technology (ABS Cat No 8146.0). While the digital divide has narrowed, it has deepened, and as the internet increasingly becomes the default medium for communicating, informing and interacting, the disadvantages of being offline increase.

Telstra, the Swinburne Institute for Social Research and the Centre for Social Impact have joined forces to develop a new national measure of digital inclusion – the Australian Digital Inclusion Index. In this talk Scott will discuss this initiative and its implications for older Australians.

Geoff Hinchcliffe

Geoff Hinchcliffe


State Records Authority of New South Wales



Geoff Hinchcliffe joined the State Records Authority of New South Wales in April 2014 as the Authority’s new Director following a successful career at the State Library of NSW, where he was the Director of Digital Library Services and the Chief Information Officer.

At the State Library, Geoff enjoyed significant success in building the Library’s digital capability through securing funding for ten years to establish the Library’s ground breaking Digital Excellence Program. This program, which is now in its fourth year, is progressively digitising the Library’s iconic collections and making them available online.

On joining the NSW public service in 2008, Geoff worked initially at the NSW Department of Corrective Services where he was responsible for the operations of the many critical IT systems used in the State’s 33 Correctional Centres and more than 130 offices.

Geoff’s experience is broad and has been gained over more than 35 years from working in many sectors most notably private business, large global investment banks and global technology companies.

With an Honours Degree in Computer Science and an MBA, Geoff’s talk will enlighten members on the many treasures contained within the NSW State archives and how the State Records Authority of NSW are responding to the demands and challenges of life in the digital age. Geoff’s talk will also provide valuable insight into the role State Records play in Government today and the valuable contribution the State archives play in today’s fast changing digital world.

Archives in the Digital Age
The State Records Authority of NSW (State Records) holds one of Australia’s most significant State Archives with a vast collection of archived records predating the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

In recent years, significant progress has been made developing digital resources to provide greater access for all Australians. The State Records website remains one of the most popular government websites in NSW with over 1.5 million items discoverable online.

In his talk Geoff will showcase some of the many treasures available and plans for the future which include more digitisation, more documentation and improved search, discovery and access.

Video of Geoff Hinchcliffe's presentation

Kerry Farmer 

Kerry Farmer

Director of Australian Studies National Institute for Genealogical Studies


Kerry Farmer has been teaching family history classes since 1997. With degrees in both science and the arts, she is a member of the Education Committee of the Society of Australian Genealogists, and a regular speaker at conferences and other events. Kerry is also the Director of Australian Studies for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, developing their course series ‘Certificate in Genealogical Studies – Australian Records’.
Kerry authored DNA for Genealogists (3rd edn, 2015), Arrivals in Australia from 1788 (2015) and together with Rosemary Kopittke wrote Which Genealogy Program? (3rd edn, 2012) – all published by Unlock the Past.

An introduction to DNA for Genealogists

DNA testing allows us to find others who share our ancestors and also to test the accuracy of our constructed family trees. This presentation introduces the concepts of DNA, the tests available to genealogists, and how they can be used to answer questions about relationships and as additional tools for family history research.

Click here for Kerry Farmer's handout: DNA for Genealogists

Click here for Kerry Farmer's Website: www.familyhistoryresearch.com.au which includes links for buying her books

Brian Fitzgerald

Brendan Fitzgerald

Manager Digital Inclusion


Brendan Fitzgerald is the Manager - Digital Inclusion for the Melbourne based Not for Profit social enterprise Infoxchange where he leads a number of programs including Australia’s first national digital literacy program Go Digi (www.godigi.org.au).

Brendan has extensive experience in developing and delivering community based ICT programs. He was one of Australia’s Ambassadors to the UN sponsored Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in 2013. This year he Co-authored with Wayne Hawkins from ACCAN a chapter on Digital Inclusion and Disability in Australia for the University of Maryland’s Library Journal.  Prior to joining Infoxchange he was a member of the Senior Management Team at the State Library of Victoria for eight years.

Digital Literacy, Digital Confidence and mentoring: Building a national approach through Go Digi

We’re living in a digital age but many Australians are being left behind and don’t have the skills to make the most of being connected. In 2013 it was estimated that in Australia 1 in 5 adults are not online - that's almost 4 million people. To help change this, Infoxchange and Australia Post have joined together to create Go Digi.

Go Digi is a national four year digital literacy program with the goal of supporting more than 300,000 Australians to improve their digital skills. This paper explores what members of ASCCA can do to support the program and ensure that it is of value to their members and communities. This will especially focus on how ASCCA can lead their communities by mentoring others.

Wayne Hawkins

Wayne Hawkins

Disability Policy Advisor


Wayne Hawkins joined ACCAN in 2010 as Disability Policy Advisor, and has led ACCAN’s work on telecommunications access for consumers with disability, telecommunications affordability and emergency services.  Prior to joining ACCAN Wayne was National Policy officer with Blind Citizens Australia. Wayne is a doctoral candidate at Sydney University researching Australian telecommunications and disability policies. Wayne has a Masters degree in Public Policy from Sydney University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from City University of New York. Wayne has been blind since 2005 as a result of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Quality Captions = Quality Information

ACCAN in partnership with ASCCA and other consumer organisations is running a campaign to raise awareness with our politicians, political parties and government agencies about the need for good quality, comprehensible captions on all online video. Research tells us that more than 30 per cent of the population use captions some of the time.

Our own research tells us that the majority of video on politicians, political party and government agency websites routinely have poor quality captions which do not convey the correct information to people who rely on the captions for information. This campaign is designed to ensure that all Australians have the information they need in order to participate in our democracy.

Ann Howard

Ann Howard



Ann Howard is an avid fan of ‘hidden histories’ and feels there are many marvellous unrecorded stories. The use of computers empowered her to publish books which have made both a difference to the telling of history, and to individuals who were affected by world events or gave their lives for what they believed.
‘Everyone has a story to tell’, she says, as an author of 18 books.
Her book , ‘ A Carefree War’, is her latest hidden history.  During WW2, Australian citizens feared for their lives and the safety of their children, as the fear of Japanese invasion grew.  Voting with their hearts and without government sanction, anxious parents, mostly women on their own, sent their children to ‘safety’ in their thousands, for up to three years.  The history of these voluntary child evacuees remains largely hidden and Ann Howard’s book strikes freshly afield in awareness of exactly what happened to the civilians.
Interviewing a hundred evacuees or their descendants, Ann paints a picture of the huge upheaval in WW2.  The history of WW2 is not complete without it.  The impact of war would change their lives forever.
Ann Howard records a time when governments did little for the civilian population, except lie to it through censored media.
Ann will put forward how to reach thousands if people through computers, whatever your favourite topic.

Computers and the Author

Ann will detail how she became an author, and how she researched, wrote, designed, sent to print her own work and promoted and sold it successfully until she was picked up by a mainstream publisher.  Everyone has at least one book in them!  Let it out!!  Ann resisted the thought of ‘word processing’ at first but now kisses her computer goodnight. (only if it’s been good!)

Michael Knight

Michael Knight

Opal Brand Ambassador

Transport for NSW


Michael Knight is one Opal’s most knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors and has been with the Opal campaign for 2 years.  He is bilingual, speaking English and Mandarin.  He has worked on our community engagement presentations and on our shopping centre and public transport Opal kiosks.

The Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card

The current Pensioner Excursion Ticket will no longer be sold from 1 January 2016.  This presentation introduces customers to the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card, explaining what it is, the benefits, how and where to use it and who is eligible. Questions will be answered and the team can help attendees apply for the card there and then.

This reusable card will be the only way seniors and pensioners can access public transport from 1 January 2016.  It is important to note that travel on all public transport will still cost no more than $2.50.  Some customers can pay even less.

Tegan Kop

Tegan Kop

Community Engagement and Communications

Go Digi


Tegan Kop is passionate about social justice and the way technology can create a better world for everyone. She is a digital inclusion expert and thinks when we work together, we work best. She likes it when people refuse to be bystanders and tries her best not be one too.

Sharing skills and improving online confidence
with Go Digi

Go Digi is a program is designed to help 300,000 Australians realise their online potential and improve their digital skills and online confidence.

Work with the Go Digi team to learn about new resources and interesting ways to engage new or existing audiences in your calendar of events.

This is also an opportunity for clubs involved in the Go Digi program so far to give feedback to help improve the Go Digi platform for other Computer Clubs.

 Ron McCallum

Emeritus Professor
Ron McCallum AO

University of Sydney


Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum AO studied law at Monash University, graduating in 1972. In 1974 he completed a Master of Laws Degree and developed his interest and expertise in labour and employment law.  After teaching at Monash for eighteen years, he moved to Sydney in 1993 where he was appointed to a full professorship at the University of Sydney. Blind since his birth, this appointment made Ron the first totally blind person to be appointed to a full professorship at any Australian or New Zealand university. He served as Dean of the University of Sydney Law School between 2002 and 2007. In January 2011, on his retirement, the Senate of the University of Sydney awarded Ron the title of Emeritus Professor. His expertise in labour law and occupational health and safety saw him appointed as chair or member of various federal and state inquiries.  The most recent was the 2012 inquiry into the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

Professor McCallum is a director of the Board of Vision Australia which assists blind and visually impaired persons.

Professor McCallum was made an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) in 2006 for his services to tertiary education, for industrial relations advice to governments, for assistance to visually impaired persons and for social justice. In January 2011, Prime Minister Ms Julia Gillard designated Ron as Senior Australian of the Year for 2011.

Professor McCallum was nominated by the Australian government to stand as an independent expert for the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities when that Committee was first established in 2008. Ron served as inaugural member, then Chair of this Committee and then as a Vice-Chair until the conclusion of his mandate on 31 December 2014.  He also served as the Chair of the UN Committee of the Chairs of all of the UN Treaty Bodies in 2011-2012.

On 21 August 2013, Professor McCallum was sworn in as a part time member of the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal, in both its General Division and in its NDIS Division.

Computers and Vision Loss: The Marvels of Adaptive Technology

I have been totally blind since my birth.  The development of adaptive technology from the 1980’s to the present has enabled blind and vision impaired computer users to operate on a level playing field. Adaptive technologies have increased the employability of persons with vision loss, and these technologies have also opened up new horizons in so many aspects of life.  I shall unpack these momentus changes by recounting portions of my own story.

Alastair MacGibbon

Alastair MacGibbon

Children's eSafety Commissioner



Alastair MacGibbon's office is responsible for leading cyber safety education for children and for protecting those children specifically from cyberbullying. Australians can also report offensive or illegal online content to his office. Prior to taking up this position Alastair spent time in both public and private sector online leadership roles. He was previously General Manager Security at Dimension Data, a Director of the Centre for Internet Safety at the University of Canberra, as well as CEO of CREST Australia, a not-for-profit that certifies "white hat" ethical hackers. For almost five years Alastair headed up Trust & Safety at eBay Asia-Pacific. And before that he was a Federal Agent with the Australian Federal Police for 15 years, with his final assignment as the founding Director of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre.

Keeping Children Safe Online

As Australia’s first Children’s eSafety Commissioner, Alastair MacGibbon will talk about his Office’s role in keeping children safe online and its role in reporting offensive or illegal content. Senior Australians often play a vital role in caring for younger family members. This new Office and the website www.esafety.gov.au provides up to date information and support for parents and carers to protect young people and encourage enjoyable experiences online for all.

Andy Malakooti 

Andy Malakooti

Windows Product and Marketing Manager


Andy Malakooti is the Windows Consumer Product lead at Microsoft. Responsible for driving Windows device adoption in the Australian market, he has held this role for the last 2 years.

Prior to Microsoft, Andy was the Head of Enterprise Product Marketing at Vodafone, managing a team that delivered innovative new Mobile products to the SMB market such as Vodafone Unite. A graduate from the University of Wollongong, Andy also held Product Marketing positions at Hutchison Telecoms, Optus and Gateway earlier in his career.

Andy is passionate about all things technology and when he isn’t spending time with his wife and 2 children he is playing with technology and exploring opportunities.

Windows 10

Hear about the Operating System that will power over a billion devices - Windows 10. Also includes a demo showcasing some of the new features:

  • Windows Hello
  • Continuum
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Cortana

Daniel Martin

Daniel J Martin

B.A. (Hons), B. Env. Des.
M. Arch., (UWA)

from Lund University Sweden


Daniel Martin is a design student from Western Australia with has a great passion for technology and the arts. It has long been said that Apple stands at this intersection. He has led workshops and supported Apple systems in Perth and the south-west of Western Australia, including many years involvement with the Walpole Community Resource Centre. He is delighted to witness how Apple technology has changed the lives of many, particularly seniors. He is currently completing a Master of Architecture in Sweden, in his spare time photographing Scandinavian landscapes and design.

Apple Photos

iPhones are now by far the most popular camera in the world, and the technology behind this tiny sapphire lens gets better every year. How we navigate, synchronise, backup, share, and ultimately enjoy these photo libraries has received an overhaul by Apple in 2015.

This presentation will offer an overview of the new Photos solution for the Apple ecosystem, in Mac OS and iOS on iPhones and iPads, as well as the new Apple Watch and AppleTV, giving a taste of the great integration of Apple platforms more broadly.

Video from Daniel Martin's Presentation

Divesh Narayan

Divesh Narayan

Multicultural Services Officer

Department of Human Services


Divesh Narayan has been a Multicultural Services Officer for the St George, Sutherland  Shire and Marrickville region. Has been in the role for 9 months and previous role was with CRS Australia as a Rehabilitation Consultant.

MyGov presentation and Online Services

The presentation will cover how to navigate around the Department  of Human Services website mainly Payment Finder, Information in your language and setting up a MyGov account.

David Num

David Num

Eurobodalla Seniors Computer User Group


ASCCA Board Member


David Num is a committee member of EuroSCUG (the Eurobodalla Seniors Computer User Group) and a member of their technical subgroup.  He has previously presented at ASCCA conferences and is a regular presenter, small group organiser and newsletter contributor at EuroSCUG.
David was introduced to computing in 1968, undertook a years formal training in 1971 and eventually became a senior executive in computing at a large Commonwealth organisation where he was responsible for technical aspects, contract negotiations and purchasing.  He was fortunate in being invited to speak at many Australian and international conferences on a range of computing issues.  David has also held senior executive positions in finance, corporate planning, research and training.
David has a long and active interest in personal computing and new technologies.
Using computing as a scientific tool in his early career has  given him a pragmatic approach to its use.  These days David enjoys helping others learn to use computing in ways that meet their needs.

Future proofing – Passing it on before you pass on

Increasingly we are enlarging our digital footprints. More and more of our affairs are being managed and stored online.  Business and government expect us to do this now to access their services.  We are also sharing more online.

This presentation addresses some of the issues around:

  • How do you make it easy for your family to clean up and/or transfer your online accounts after your demise? 
  • How can someone else maintain those online files or get access to online content? 
  • Where are the important email and other contacts to be found?
  • Accessing your smartphone/tablet etc.

Nerida Packham

Nerida Packham

Phone Line Service Team Leader

NPS MedicineWise


Nerida Packham is a pharmacist with experience in hospital and community pharmacy. A mum of four children, she enjoys tennis, swimming and outdoor activities.

Antibiotics: handle with care

(Click the pictures in this presentation to see the YouTube videos)

Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to human health today. This Antibiotic Awareness Week (16-22 November) NPS MedicineWise will be raising awareness on this global health threat by collaborating with key organisations around Australia to spread knowledge about antibiotic resistance.

The reality is that antibiotics are losing their power – but we can preserve the miracle of antibiotics by handling them with care and by using them only when they are necessary.

To find out more about the campaign and to download a suite of Antibiotic Awareness Week resources visit nps.org.au/aaw

Laurie Patton

Laurie Patton

Internet Australia



Laurie Patton, as a television journalist, covered the historic CHOGM conference in London that applied economic sanctions ending apartheid in South Africa. He reported live from the streets of Los Angeles, a city under curfew, as the smoke descended from the riots that followed the ‘Rodney King’ verdict. He covered business and politics extensively for each of our three commercial TV networks. Laurie went on to create the acclaimed Foxtel World Movies channel and later run Channel Seven Sydney, the largest TV station in the country, and regional network Seven Queensland which won the ratings for the first time under his leadership. In his current role, Laurie is an evangelist for the Internet who believes that Australia needs a digitally enabled economy. He is also committed to Digital Inclusion, making the Internet accessible to everyone.

The Internet and our Digitally Enabled Future

The Intergenerational Report argues that we need to keep people working well past 65, and there are many in good health and active keen to do so. Yet a generation of “millennials” is about to enter the workforce. Where will we find 20th Century jobs except through Internet-driven innovation?

The theory of “creative destruction” essentially maintains that to build new kinds of businesses we must constantly be destroying existing kinds of businesses. However, history shows that this often leads to workers being displaced. Our challenge is to foster innovation while ensuring that there are suitable jobs for everyone who wishes or needs to work.

Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts

Assistant Director for Online Security

Department of Communications and the Arts


Amy Roberts is the Assistant Director of Online Security for the Department of Communications and the Arts, and has been involved with the Stay Smart Online program for the past four years. Amy recently worked with the four major banks, Telstra, Australia Post and nbn to produce a brief guide to online security for busy small businesses and organisations who aren’t aware that losing access to their information could significantly interrupt business productivity. The Stay Smart Online Small Business Guide was launched during Stay Smart Online Week in early October, and has received strong support from industry and the small business community. Prior to joining the Federal government, Amy worked for a number of small to medium organisations, including running her own small businesses in rural NSW for 10 years. Following the collapse of her own business as a result of the global financial crisis in 2008, Amy is passionate about helping organisations build resilience to internet threats to ensure that if an event occurs, they are well placed for business continuity and minimal disruption.

Staying Smart Online for small businesses and organisations

Stay Smart Online is the Australian Government’s online safety and security website, designed to help everyone understand the risks and simple steps that can be taken to protect personal and financial information when using the internet.

Each year, the Government hosts national Stay Smart Online Week and this year’s theme is “Your business is your business” - whether you’re in business or managing someone else’s organisation, you can be responsible for its success.

Stay Smart Online is in its eighth year and proudly supports the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association in its efforts to empower Seniors Computer Clubs to use modern technology safely and securely.

Alex Zaharov-Reutt


Australia's Technology Evangelist


Alex Zaharov-Reutts father bought him a personal computer in 1979, an Exidy Sorcerer from Dick Smith Electronics, when Alex was four and a half years old, and he took to technology like an electronic duck takes to cybernetic water. Since then, Alex has been everyone’s tech guide, explaining technologies, solving tech problems and using every type of technology he could get his hands on.

A veteran technology journalist, Alex has appeared on all of Australia’s free-to-air and Pay TV networks on all the major news and current affairs programs, has co-hosted Internet Bright Ideas and Room for Improvement, has appeared on numerous ABC and commercial radio stations, in various print magazines and newspapers and on various websites in his capacity as technology expert and evangelist, editing publications, conducting interviews, writing news, reviews, how-to guides and plenty more.

Here Comes the Future!

Join Alex as he presents the tech trends, technologies and techniques that you need to know for today – and tomorrow!

Alex will share the latest new technologies to improve your life and/or give you cool new tech toys to play with, he will show us what’s in store for 2016 and beyond, showcase some snazzy tips and tricks in iOS, Windows and Android, and you’ll learn the techniques you need to keep your computers, tablets and smartphones running smoothly.

So, be sure to join us for the last presentation of the conference where Alex will take us back to the future!

Video of Alex Zharov-Reutt's presentation