What is an online conference?

An online conference takes the ideas of a normal conference, but everything is shared online. Just like the kind of conference that you are familiar with, we have carefully selected a range of speakers to inform and inspire our audience. The difference this year is that, instead of going to a hotel and sitting in rows to see the speakers, you will log on to a link via your computer.


How do I register and buy tickets?

You can register and buy tickets for $15 via a website called Humanitix. Click here to visit Humantix. This site will collect your details so we can e-mail you information and news in the lead up to the conference. Your details will not be used for any other purpose than conference news and information.


On the ticket site there is a question “If you are intending on watching the conference with others, how many people will be watching it in the same location as you?”. Why do you need to know this?

We would like to know how many people in total are in our audience. In a face to face conference this would be easy to work out as you could count the number of people in the room. For an online conference, it would be great if you could tell us so we can estimate the audience size. If your numbers change in the lead up to the day that’s okay, there is no need to update.


Our computer club is intending on attending, but we have social restrictions so we won’t be able to watch together. Do we have to buy separate tickets?

Yes, due to the technology we need to be able to send a link per location or IP address.


How does the link work? When will I get it?

When you buy a ticket to register for the conference you will provide us with your e-mail details. In the week leading up to the conference we will e-mail you with a link. You can click on the link at any time, but it will only activate on the day when you will be able to see the speakers.

To keep it easy we have only one link and one list of speakers so you can click on the same link all day to ‘log back in’. If, for some reason, you need to close the window on your computer where the conference is playing, no problem, you will be able to log straight back in.


I am a bit worried about logging on in time and making sure the link works.

ASCCA is all about building seniors’ confidence with technology. That’s why we will be offering how to step by step guides in the lead up to the conference AND a couple of opportunities to test logging in and setting up in the week before.

This is a great opportunity to troubleshoot. You won’t just be set up for our conference but for all sorts of webinars, online shows and maybe even some exercise classes!


Do I have to watch it all day long?

We think we have a pretty exciting line up of speakers. Click here find our Conference program But a day is a long time.

While we have deliberately designed the program so that there are speakers or activities all day, one advantage of the conference being on your computer is that no one can see you! If you need to make a cup of tea, make some lunch or let the dog out, that is up to you. Remember to pop back in for the AGM and announcement of the photo competition though.


I’ve never joined an online meeting before. Will you be able to see me? How do I ask questions?

In this kind of online meeting, the camera and microphones will only be working for our speakers. We won’t be able to see you or hear you.

We will have a ‘chat’ functionality where you can ask questions. Some of these will be passed on to our speakers or answered to you online. Everyone else can see your chat, so it is sometimes a good place to discuss what you are seeing and hearing to share your thoughts on the topics we are discussing. Not sure about how to do a chat, we will provide ‘How to’ guides for that as well as an opportunity to test it in the lead up. 


I can’t make it on the day. Will the information from the speakers be accessible afterwards?

Some material from the speakers will be accessible on the site afterwards. Please do keep visiting the 2020 Conference home page even after the conference to find out more about living your best online life. Click here to find the Conference home page for this conference and from previous ones.


I don't want to go to the whole Conference. I just want to see the Photo Competition Results and/or the AGM. Do I have to pay?

If you plan to only attend the AGM you will still need to register online, but the ticket will be free.

  • Click here to go to the Registration and Payment website
  • Click 'Get Tickets'
  • In either of the AGM & Photo Comp boxes > type in the number of free tickets you require
  • Click the button that says 'Enter Details'
  • On the next page, fill in your details > Click the button that says 'Save & Checkout'

Admission is available after 3.00pm for these free tickets