10th Australian Seniors Computer Conference
Wednesday August 27 and Thursday August 28
Powerhouse Museum
ASCCA's 10th conference was at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

Conference participants came from nearly every state.


Nan Bosler

Nan Bosler, OAM - Opening Remarks

Nan Bosler is the president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA).

The president's Opening Message can be downloaded as a PDF (205 KB).

Mike Robey

Keynote speaker: Mike Robey, Executive Director at Telstra

Peter Blasina

Keynote speaker: Peter Blasina

Matthew Connell, Curator Powerhouse Museum

Cyberworks: computers and connections

Brian Graham

Brian Graham - DVD Maker in Windows Vista

Brian's presentation can be downloaded as a PDFfile (1224KB)

Sirkka Duncan

Sirkka Duncan - SMS: talking with text on your mobile phone

Sirkka Duncan, ASCCA's training officer gave a presentation on Talking with text.

It can be downloaded as a PDF file (1821 KB).

James Donohoe - The Rum Rebellion: the Petticoat Perception

James Donohoe's presentation can be downloaded as a PDF (347 KB).


Alex Varley

Alex Varley - Connecting your community through Captions

Alex Varley's presentation can be downloaded as a slideshow (543 KB)


Brian Hindes



Brian Hindes - Digital Photographs before and After with Picasa

Joan Craymer

Joan Craymer - Creative Story Writing

Joan's presentation can be downloaded as a set of notes (145 KB)

and as a slideshow (3874 KB).

Spotlight on Clubs

View the Hills slideshow which you can download as a PDF file (2229 KB)


Nan Bosler - ASCCA's 10 years of Commitment

Nan's opening address acknowledging 10 years of commitment can be downloaded as a paper (133 KB) or a Slideshow (373 KB)

Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen - Microsoft- Trustworthy Computing: Making the Computer Safer and Easier to Use

Peter Cullen's presentation  can be downloaded as a PDF file (305KB).

Finding Funding

Nan Bosler also took part in a panel of experienced club volunteers. Her presentation on Finding Funding for clubs can be downloaded as a a set of notes PDF (68 KB) and as a Slideshow PDF (610 KB)

Ken Morley

Ken Moorley - Is the Vista Compelling?

Ken Moorley's presentation about Windows Vista operating system can be downloaded as a PDF (87 KB).

Diane Brentnall

Diane Brentnall - Customise Your PC using Webshots

Diane Brentnall's demonstration on Webshots was presented by Brian Hindes.

It can be downloaded here (334 KB)

Rita Alexandrou


Rita Alexandrou, Microsoft - Office 2007

Rod Duckworth

Rod Duckworth - Networking

Quantum Technology - Technology to Aid Vision

Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin - YouTube

Deborah's presentation on YouTube can be downloaded as a PDF (159 KB).



Notes and presentations are available where there are blue links.

Keynote Speakers

Peter Blasina

Peter Blasina - The Gadget Guy

Peter Blasina regularly appears on Channel 7's Sunrise, and Radio 702 amongst others.



Val French

Val French

Val French is a journalist by profession and inclination. She has worked in print, radio and television and in this respect is still active.


Graham McFarland

Graham McFarland - Apple Computers

Graham McFarland is the NSW Area Manager, Next Byte Apple Premium Reseller.


Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan Features of Windows 7

As Microsoft Australia's Windows Business Group Lead (Commercial), Sarah is one of the company's key ambassadors for the Windows platform in the business, software developer and IT communities.

Raul Vera

Raul Vera - Explore Google

Raul is responsible for 'Geo' products in Google's Sydney office: that means Google Maps and Google Earth.


Presentations and workshops

Barbara Anderson


Barbara Anderson - Stop Thief! - Movie Making for Clubs

Barbara Anderson is the founder in 1999, and now Co-ordinator, of the Neutral Bay Seniors Computer Club.

Young at Heart Filmmaking Lab


Nan Bosler


Nan Bosler, OAM

Nan Bosler was the foundation president of ASCCA. She is committed to the growth and development of ASCCA as it seeks to empower Seniors Computer Clubs to help older people use modern technology.

Opening Message Day 1


David Bennett


David Bennett

He was elected as a Director of ASCCA and supporting ASCCA as a presenter, on a wide variety of subjects, has taken him to many member clubs.

Lynton Bradford


Lynton Bradford

He is a committee member of Computer Pals for Seniors - Epping, and President of the Anglican Retirement Village Residents Computer Club.

Notebook Computers

Diane Brentnall


Diane Brentnall

Diane works part-time trainer for ASCCA and as a roaming/free-lance trainer visiting other ASCCA senior computer clubs.

Email Etiquette - Slides

Email Etiquette - Paper


Sandra Brophey

Sandra Brophey

Sandra Brophey is a trainer and currently Secretary at Forest Computer Pals for Seniors.


Patrick Cavanagh


David Cooke

David Cooke

David Cooke is the Group Manager, Health and Aged care Group, NEC Australia.


Joan Craymer



Joan Craymer

Joan Craymer is President of Computer Pals for Seniors Epping. She became a director of ASCCA in 2006, and in 2007 became ASCCA's newsletter editor.

Newsletters - You Can Lead a Horse to Water - Slides

Newsletters - You Can Lead a Horse to Water - Paper


Paul Ducklin


Paul Ducklin

Paul Ducklin joined Sophos from the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (similar to Australia's CSIRO) in 1995.


Sirkka Duncan


Sirkka Duncan

Sirkka K Duncan is working on the ASCCA/Telstra Connected Seniors 'Train the Trainer' Workshops on Mobile Phones.

Social Networking


Alan Hadley

Alan Hadley

Alan is a Photography and Photoshop Tutor, Westlakes Seniors Computer Club.

PhotoShop Elements - 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes


Neville Hall


Neville Hall

Neville Hall is a retired electrical engineer and is President of Tamworth and District Seniors Computer Club.

Towards an Optimum Seniors Training Facility


Dr Scott Hollier


Dr Scott Hollier

Dr Scott Hollier is the Project Manager, New Media for Media Access Australia, a not-for-profit, public benevolent institution.

The Future of Access

Helen Jewel


Helen Jewell

Over the last three years Helen has been responsible for the Linking Tasmanian Seniors Information Technology seminars throughout Tasmania.

Going Back Going Forward

Darren Kane

Darren Kane

Darren Kane is the Director of Telstra's Corporate Security & Investigations (CSI) group.

Cyber Safety at Telstra

Cheryl Langdon-Orr



Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Cheryl is Director auDA & ISOC-AU and is currently Chair of the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee.

IPv6 - Why it's important: but YOU dont need to know - Slides

IPv6 - Why it's important: but YOU dont need to know - Paper

IPv6 - Transition Strategy

Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin

Deborah is a trainer at Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors.

Using Google Docs as a Tool for Club Administration

Melissa McKenzie


Melissa McKenzie

Melissa is the business to business account manager for coles.com.au.


Allan Mikkelson


Allan Mikkelsen

Allan Mikkelsen is Secretary of the Canberra PCUG and a system administrator on their internet service.


Roz Miller


Roz Miller

Roz Miller is the Newsletter Editor, First President and founder member of Computer Pals for Seniors-Concord.

We are a Club, not a School - Computer Pals for Seniors Concord


John Robinson


John Robinson

John Robinson joined NComputing as VP and Country Manager for ANZ & SPI in September 2008.


Annette Stuckey




Annette Stuckey

Annette is a member of the Westlakes Seniors Computer Club on beautiful Lake Macquarie, and was elected Secretary in June 2000 and was elected to the Board of ASCCA in 2006.

Creative Email

Watermark Starionery with Word 2003

Watermark Stationery with Word 2007

Paul Vincent


Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent manages the Technical Implementation Branch of the Digital Switchover Taskforce within the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

Getting Ready for Digital TV


Paul Wallbank


Paul Wallbank

Paul Wallbank has been the computer expert for the ABC Sydney Weekend and Nightlife programs for eight years.

2010 - The Coming Year of Change