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Get ReadyBy the end of 2013, the older analog TV signals will be switched off. To keep receiving free-to-air TV after the digital switchover you need a television that can receive digital signals. This means you need to have digital television with a built-in tuner, or have a set-top box that can be connected to an existing analog television.

General information on switchover dates is available at . mySwitch, on the Digital Ready website, is an easy-to-use interactive online tool that gives you the specific information you need to prepare for the switchover in your area.

Visit and enter your full address into the mySwitch tool to get specific information on the switching off of analog TV signals in your area, or call the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13.

Here are some documents from the Digital Ready site that will help:

mySwitch facts

Antenna Trouble Shooting Checklist

Get Ready for Digital TV in 8 Easy Steps (Sydney version)

Do you need help to get ready for digital TV?

A February 2013 Update on the Switchover

What is the Digital TV Retune?