Accessibility involves improving products, devices, services, or environments for people with special needs. Research and development in accessibility often has benefits for everyone.

This page offers a number of resources for improving accessibility.

Click here for the Accessible Telecoms brochure

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The Affordable Access website is the latest resource from MAA and ACCAN on access to modern technology. Click here to visit the site. Among the many other things available, go to the Resources menu to download tip sheets for various groups, including seniors.


Sociability: Social Media for People with a Disability

by Dr Scott Hollier, Media Access Australia and ACCAN.

Sociability Cover

Click here to download (1100 kb)

Accessibility Features in Windows and Web Browsers

by Dr Scott Hollier, Project Manager, New Media, Media Access Australia.

Windows and Browsers

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ASCCA Members

ASCCA Membership is open to any organisation promoting access to information technology by older people. ASCCA is represented in every State and Territory of Australia.

The Association welcomes enquiries from existing computer clubs, computer groups within seniors organisations and from communities which are considering promoting computer training for seniors.

Member clubs remain autonomous.

Some of the many benefits of joining ASCCA are:

  A Club Information Manual with information on topics such as working with seniors, funding, financial and taxation matters

  Access to ASCCA's training materials on this website on the Member Club Login pages, advice on computer topics and techniques by the Tech Info for Clubs newsletter and support by phone if needed.

  Each member club has access to software, hardware, refurbished desktops and laptops all at discounted prices through Connecting Up. We have also arranged a substantial discount for the popular Deep Freeze software.

  Advice and support from ASCCA about managing your club or providing training for your members if requested.

  A website presence on the ASCCA website.

  Being part of a network of clubs to share information.

  We run events such as ASCCA seminars, workshops and the Annual ASCCA Conference.

  A discounted fee for all club members attending at any ASCCA seminars, workshops and the Annual ASCCA Conference.

  We gain support from government, technology companies and businesses.

  A monthly Newsletter plus Newsbreaks when there is news about grants, events or other news of interest.

  Annual Competitions in photography and creative writing.

  The ASCCA office provides a contact point for seniors looking for tuition in their area.


If you are an existing club for seniors computing, a computer club for all ages or a computer group within another organisation, join ASCCA and share your knowledge and gain expertise from other clubs.

For more details about joining ASCCA click here.

ASCCA membership is for organisations working with seniors and technology. It does not have individual membership.

Click here for information on membership or courses for individuals. 

 Seniors Week 2017

There is no joining fee for seniors computer clubs to become a member of ASCCA.

Yearly membership fees are for the financial year to 30 June and are on a sliding scale.

More detail on ways to make your payment is on the membership forms below.

Click here for the Membership Form for new or existing clubs  

Send the form to ASCCA, Level LG, 280 Pitt St, SYDNEY, 2000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.