ASCCA was formed on 7 August 1998 and became an incorporated association on 14 August 1998. It became a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee on 21 August 2001.
ASCCA supports and encourages seniors to take advantage of modern information technology to meet their individual needs and to provide further challenges. To become computer literate at their own pace, in a friendly non-threatening environment and to have fun whilst doing so.
ASCCA has become a catalyst to enthuse, encourage, empower, and assist seniors to explore computer technology.
Information technology now includes more than just computers. There are also mobile phones, webcams, iPads, and many other emerging technologies.
ASCCA undertakes projects to support IT for Seniors and organises seminars, training sessions for the mature aged and club volunteers, workshops, and similar activities.
There is also an annual conference, open to all seniors, where many areas of information technology, communications issues of interest to seniors are covered.