24th Annual Technology Conference for Seniors


Thursday, November 11, 2022


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9:00am           Housekeeping + Kahoot Preparation

Please familiarise yourself with Kahoot! before the conference, you can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Use this link for more information on how to use Kahoot! so that you don’t miss out on joining in the fun and your chance to win some great prizes!!

9:05am           Intro by Jennifer Willcox, ASCCA President

Welcome to new digital ASCCA – Resilience and Rebuilding 

Jennifer is from Western Australia and first became a Director on the Board of ASCCA in November 2011.  She was at that time the only Director outside New South Wales.  Jenny has a wealth of past experience in the business world – having spent twenty years with a national trading company based in Perth.  It was here that Jenny gained valuable knowledge about policies, procedures, computers, systems development, logistics, administration, marketing and sales.

Jenny is smiling at the camera, she's wearing a black shirt and has short, dark, curled hair.

9:10am           Acknowledgement of Country

Jennifer Willcox – Winner of the Acknowledgement of Country Competition video to be announced and shown

9:15am           Official Conference Opening

Nan Bosler AM – President Emeritus 
Nan Bosler is committed to the growth and development of ASCCA as it seeks to empower Seniors Computer Clubs to help older people use modern technology. She was the foundation president of ASCCA.  
Nan feels strongly that learning is a lifelong experience. She was over 50 when she first went to University, has six tertiary qualifications covering Adult Education, Community Organisation, Local and Applied History, Family History and a Masters in Local Government Management. She has added Cert. IV Business (Governance) & an adapted Cert. IV Training to her qualifications.

Nan is smiling and wearing a blue speckled shirt, she's got short grey hair

9:20am           Club update

Newcastle Computer Pals – Barry Keen
Barry has been a member of the club since 2008, filled several positions on the committee over the years, and has been the President since 2021. He has had a long interest in computing applications and a background in teaching adults and children, as well as having been a community volunteer in service clubs, scouting and other organisations for 50+ years. Barry maintains a positive and enthusiastic attitude and encourages others to be likewise, and not be frightened of change but to look for the opportunities and embrace them.

Barry on video link with the Computer Pals - Newcastle sign behind him.  Barry has a grey beard and is wearing a light blue polo shirt

9:30am           Office of eSafety

Paul Clark
Manager Diverse Communities, eSafety
Be Connected is an Australian Government initiative implemented in partnership by the Department of Social Services, the eSafety Commissioner and Good Things Foundation Australia, committed to improving the online confidence, skills and safety of older Australians.
The Be Connected website, managed by eSafety, provides free information, learning modules, webinars podcasts and more – visit beconnected.esafety.gov.au.

Paul is wearing a pin striped suit jacket and white business shirt.  He has dark coloured, short hair.

9:40am           Accessibility update

Dr Scott Hollier; What’s new for 2022
There’s been a number of great access improvements to our everyday devices. Dr Scott Hollier will provide an overview of the new accessibility features we can now find in our Windows, Apple and Android computers and devices. There will also be some discussion on the potential of immersive environments and future accessibility support on the horizon.  

Dr Scott Hollier, is wearing a suit and business shirt, he's smiling at the camera, and has short, brown hair

10:00am           Apple Workshop

Ellora Conn
Personalising your iPhone and iPad
Apple’s new operating system, iOS 16, is packed with great new features to help you get even more out of your iPhone and iPad. We can’t wait to share with you the new Door Detection in iPhone and personalise accessibility options, such as Dynamic Font in Control Centre, where you can quickly alter font size to meet your vision needs. This session is focused around how to use the built in features on iPhone and iPad. Take away some practical tips for personalising your Apple devices with features like Live Text, Safety Check, Medication Reminders and more. Learn something new for you to use, as well as something to share with others.

About Ellora: 
Ellora is an ASC, working and supporting customers and clients with Apple technology across many regions and from diverse backgrounds.  She has a strong focus on the use of technology for accessibility and supporting seniors and helping everyone live a better day.

Ellora is wearing a dark brown suit, she is smiling and has her arms folded.  She has long brown hair

10:30am           Be Connected

Jess Wilson  
After five years of delivering the Be Connected program aimed at supporting older Australians to thrive online, we will look back at the successes, challenges and learning and look forward to what is next for the program and how much more there is still to do to fix the digital divide.

About Jess:
As the CEO for social change charity Good Things Foundation Australia, Jess Wilson is passionate about ensuring all Australians can participate in our increasingly digital-based society. With a BA, BScWk (Hons) and Grap Dip in Primary Education, Jess has held not-for-profit executive roles for over 10 years with a focus on creating systemic change in family support, education and digital inclusion sectors.

Jess leads Good Things Foundation Australia’s programs across government, corporate and community sectors and has built a thriving national network of community partners who deliver life-changing digital inclusion programs in local communities. Jess is recognised as a leader in Australia’s digital inclusion landscape, advocating for greater awareness, investment and collaboration to close the digital divide for all.

Jess is smiling broadly, wearing a khaki coloured shirt with a lanyard around her neck.  She's got short blonde hair and wears glasses.

10:40am           Kahoot! Chance to win some prizes!

10:45am           Google Workshop

Smart life Ecosystem – Alex Lynch and Rory Charlston

11:10am           Cybermindz.org

Interactive iREST session – Restoring calm in a hypervigilant world

Peter Coroneos
Learn about the neuroscience of stress, how the cyber world is challenging our ancient evolutionary defences and how we teach stress management to cyber teams, including a facilitated shift into a deep state of calm (practical demonstration)

Peter is smiling at the camera, he's wearing a jacket and business shirt.  He has short, brown hair.

12:00pm           SPONSOR: NORTON 360 Advanced  

Norton life lock logo with a yellow circle surrounding a black tick and the words LifeLock by Norton

Mark Gorrie
Vice President APAC
Discuss the challenges of cyber safety in current environment
How your data can end up on the dark web and exposed to identity theft
Steps to take if your personal information is compromised
How Norton helps protect consumers against identity theft and other online threats with complete cyber safety solutions

Mark Gorrie is the Vice President for APAC region at NortonLifeLock. Having more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, Mark is passionate about digital safety and empowering consumers to feel safer and postive in everyday digital life.

12:15pm           SPONSOR: NOKIA

Nokia logo, blue text

The HMD Story and our mission
The love it, trust it keep it mantra
Our most ruggedized device yet
Our most sustainable device yet

Brendan Folitarik
Country Manager
An innovative and ambitious leader, Brenden’s 18 years of experience working in the telecommunications market has seen him in leadership roles at Vodafone, Samsung and Alcatel, and most recently as Carrier Sales Manager for HMD Global “The home of Nokia Phones” across Australia and New Zealand.
Recently appointed to the Country Manager role at HMD Global for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Brenden is leading the growth strategy for the business across the entire portfolio of Nokia smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and audio, as well as HMD Global consumer and enterprise services across the region.
Brenden steps into the Country Manager role as HMD Global announces its most sustainable and premium devices yet.

12:30pm           Kahoot! Chance to win some prizes!

12:35pm           Charlie Brown Trends in Tech

Charlie Brown is pictured in front of an illuminated circuit board, he's wearing a white shirt and a black jacket

1:05pm           SPONSOR: YourLink – Richard Scenna

YourLink logo is a series of pink hexagons with a red Y shape and the words Your Link in red

YourLink partners with aged care providers, community organisations and businesses to deliver digital skills programs that build confidence, improve wellbeing and create social connection. We will share insights and how these projects come to life in a safe and fun learning environment. We will also provide examples of hope and change for seniors, carers and the care workforce. These projects with providers have been recognised as Finalists in Future of Ageing Awards 2022 and Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) Innovageing Awards 2022.

About Richard:
Richard Scenna is a Co-Founder at YourLink. YourLink builds digital confidence so that seniors, carers and care workers can be more confident in accessing services, connecting with friends, and finding their interests online. We do this by designing digital programs with our clients in their context. Our aim is that people are independent, get the most from their devices and apps, and actively participate in the digital world around them.
YourLink’s clients and partners include Australian Red Cross, Catholic Healthcare, Southern Cross Care SA, Carers NSW, BallyCara, Community Options Australia, Adssi In-home support and Google.

Richard is smiling at the camera, he's wearing a black jumper and business shirt.  He has short, dark brown hair.

1:20pm         Club update

Willeton Technology Club for 50+ – Megan Grant
Successful Programming Using Be Connected in Your Neighbourhood Centre
How to use Be Connected successfully in your Family or Neighbourhood Centre. What has worked for us and what hasn’t. Tips for success. Adding a social element. Using your Digital Mentors effectively. Take advantage of available Grants and training provided by Good Things Foundation. 

Megan is looking at the camera and smiling, she's wearing a dark coloured top with white pattern.  She has shoulder length, blonde hair and is wearing large glasses

1:30pm           SPONSOR: NBN Co – Scams Awareness

Scams Awareness
Rebecca Moonen

NBN Co logo is a dark blue circle with the letter NBN in the centre and a series of small blue dots reaching out in the shape of Australia

1:45pm           Services Australia

Hank Jongen
How the Australian Government is making digital services simpler so people can go out there and have more fun. Hank will highlight some examples of work already delivered as well as work in progress (like the new myGov platform) and will also give you a glimpse of what the future holds. Be warned, there may be a few dad jokes thrown in for good measure.

Hank is wearing a suit and yellow tie and is smiling

1:55pm           Kahoot! Chance to win some prizes!

2:00pm           Scamwatch ACCC Update

Mary Glykokalamos and Eti Abdulioglu
Scamwatch, run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), receives around 600 reports of scams from the public every day. Eti and Mary will provide an overview of what scams are affecting Australians (particularly older Australians) the most in 2022, how they work, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Mary is wearing a black top and smiling, she has brown shoulder length hair
Eti is smiling and wearing a blue button up shirt, she has brown shoulder length hair

2:15pm           Quantum Reading

Peter Cracknell
Peter Cracknell, Manager Vision and Blindness Technologies, Quantum RLV

Many older Australians have embraced technology very successfully, particularly email, Facebook, online banking, genealogy programs and games.  They have become very adept and connected !  But what happens when age-related conditions such as macular degeneration affects your vision, making screens appear blurry, icons indistinct, and text unreadable?  What do you do when the lettering on your computer keyboard appears to fade away?  Peter will suggest some assistive software and hardware options that have helped many people with low vision to continue to use their computers.

About Peter
Peter Cracknell is Quantum RLV’s most experienced Assistive Technology consultant, across all areas including braille, print access, deafblindness, low vision and dyslexia.  Starting his career as the Disability Access Officer for English National Opera in 1989, Peter instituted Sennheiser hearing systems throughout the 2000 seat auditorium, alternative format newsletters including audio and braille, and sign-interpreted opera performances.  Migrating to Australia in 1996, Peter has been an innovator in print accessibility, collaborating with all the major vision agencies and authorities, and particularly focused on better outcomes in Education, Employment and improvements to quality of life.

Peter is wearing a dark blue polo shirt with the Quantum logo on it, he has short, light brown hair and is wearing glasses.

2:30pm           Amazon

Smart life Ecosystem

2:55pm           Benbroady.com – Drone Pilot, Astro Photographer, Kimberley Expert

Ben Broadwidth
Ben grew up in Wyndham, Western Australia and remembers as a young boy, having his face pressed up against the window of the school bus, staring in awe across the mudflats at the Cockburn Ranges.
Today, he is privileged to be able to walk those ranges with reverence and humility in his heart and the gift of imagination. Focussing his collection from all around the East Kimberley, Wyndham, Kununurra, Lake Argyle, El Questro, the Ord River and Purnululu. His photography aims to raise awareness about this majestic, ancient, albeit fragile part of the world and inspires people to come and visit.

Ben is looking straight at the camera, he has a cap on with a Boab tree and his name, he has short brown curly hair and is wearing a blue shirt

3:05pm          eGaming and eSports

Brett Levy

Brett Levy is smiling at the camera and wearing a striped blue business shirt.  He has short brown hair.

3:15pm           Kahoot! Chance to win some prizes!

3:20pm           ASCCA Competition Winners! 

3:40pm           SPONSOR: MindSpot Clinic

Priti Thadhani  – Clinic Manager 
Technology is everywhere and it is fast evolving. The pandemic accelerated development and adaptation of technology in many sectors including healthcare. At MindSpot, our passion for reducing barriers to mental health care took us on a decade long journey to learn about digital tools, how we can support the community across Australia to improve their mental health and wellbeing, and most importantly to connect people in need with trained mental health professionals who can support them – when they need it, where they need it. 

MindSpot logo with grey text and a yellow speech bubble to the top right of the words

4:00pm           SPONSOR: NBN CoNew Seniors Campaign

New Seniors Campaign
Robert Friedman

NBN Co logo is a dark blue circle with the letter NBN in the centre and a series of small blue dots reaching out in the shape of Australia

4:15pm           Closing Keynote

Alex Zaharov-Reutt – The coming Alternate / Virtual Reality Metaverse

Alex is smiling and wearing a suit and tie, he has short, brown, curly hair

4:30pm           KAHOOT! AND Lucky Ticket Number / Door Prize Draw

4:45pm           Conference ends

Thank all attendees and sponsors once more, announce Wednesday 8 Nov 2023
“Living Your Best Digital Life – everything you need to know!”

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5:00pm           ASCCA AGM Starts

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5:30pm           AGM close

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