Conference Sponsorship

As the national peak body empowering Australian seniors in technology in Australia, we have been hosting an annual conference aimed specifically at seniors each year since 1998, designed to encourage and inspire seniors to embrace technology. ASCCA is a not for profit company with limited guarantee and a genuine registered charity –

This year’s Conference will again be delivered virtually via Zoom on Thursday 10th November 2022
9:00am to 5:30pm AEDT.

As with any major conference, there are many costs associated with pulling an event like this together, and as a not for profit / charitable organisation, ASCCA does not received any recurring government funding to engage staff to coordinate, facilitate and deliver these events. For this reason, each year, we seek financial support from the business community to help us engage and empower seniors through technology.

Sponsorship is essential to enable ASCCA to keep the cost affordable for seniors to participate in this socially inclusive learning opportunity.

ASCCA is keen to identify and respond to the needs of seniors to empower them in enhancing their skills to use telecommunications and technology. We want them to be confident but safe users of the Internet and other technologies. The Conference will provide participants with the opportunity to see and hear speakers who are experts in various fields of technology.  The Conference has been planned to cater for differing levels of computer literacy, across a wide-ranging technology and the general interests of Seniors. 

Seniors Computer Clubs, linked together by ASCCA, provide a friendly, social environment that endeavour to address the individual needs of their members. Their prime objective is to instruct seniors to use and enjoy the benefits of modern communication formats, keep them up to date with technological changes, demonstrate how technology can enrich their lives, and to learn how to stay safe and secure in an ever more dangerous digital world.


Sponsorship funds contributed may be tax deductible to businesses and individuals and is really a donation, rather than a “pure ROI opportunity”. We encourage our supporters to sponsor this event as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. ASCCA will ll happily promote and thank all sponsors and contributors to our members throughout the conference. 

Who attends the ASCCA Conference?

In 2021, 150 tickets were sold and in 2022, it is hoped to at least match the number of tickets sold, if not exceed this number. 

The Conference will be available freely online via YouTube within the week of the event, however, there are clear incentives for attending in person. There will be a live, moderated Q&A session after each segment with the speaker for a few minutes, and there will be prizes throughout the day that can only be won by being in virtual attendance.

The tech savvy seniors that attend ASCCA’s annual Conference are representatives, members, leaders and trainers of computer and technology clubs from across Australia who share the information they learn with their own groups and have been doing so for many years.

How will ASCCA promote the Conference, and with it, our sponsors?

  • In our monthly newsletters to ASCCA clubs, the ASCCA Facebook page and our partner networks including other Seniors advocacy bodies
  • Through ASCCA website traffic and the new ASCCA monthly 1 hour Zoom networking meetings
  • Via promotion in the print media such as “The Senior” that graciously publishes information about the ASCCA Conference
  • Via radio segments that ASCCA Director of Public Relations, Alex Zaharov-Reutt, contributes to on both ABC and commercial radio
  • Via promotion in news articles Alex publishes to 
  • A link directly to relevant content on your site. This may be seniors related content or products that you wish to promote
  • Logo on holding pages in between speakers 
  • Spoken acknowledgement of thanks at different times during the Conference
  • Inclusion of info about your company in emailed Conference updates
  • If you can think of anything in addition to the above that you could do, or offer, or other YouTube videos we can publish, or other information you would like to share, please let me know.

Should you require any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact our Director – Promotions and Sponsorship, Alex Zaharov-Reutt via email;