What does ASCCA Offer to Member Clubs?

Any club that considers carefully the value of ASCCA to older Australians in general, and their club specifically, is showing sound judgement.


ENCOURAGE seniors including those with a disability to explore the advantages and satisfaction of using computer technology;
EMPOWER seniors including those with a disability to actively engage in the learning opportunities available;
EXPAND communication opportunities;
ENCOURAGE options to enable seniors including those with a disability in the development of skills to enhance participation in community activities;
BRIDGE THE GAP between the generations through the use of computer technology;
INCREASE self-esteem and independence.

To meet these objectives ASCCA liaises with three levels of government and corporate organisations; advises and supports existing and new clubs; undertakes projects to support member clubs and organises seminars, training sessions, members Forums, workshops, and similar activities.  

It is difficult to answer the question of what does ASCCA do for us? Because that answer depends upon the club itself. ASCCA is available to support and encourage all clubs and any club can contact ASCCA for assistance. When a club is going through a rough patch, they are able to seek that assistance; there have been instances where a club is in touch with ASCCA almost daily, yes even over the weekend, as together we unpack their challenge/s and ASCCA makes suggestions of what they could do.  Remember, all clubs are autonomous, so it is up to them to decide if they want to take ASCCA’s advice.  Often, they may only need a willing ear and a little bit of help identifying their problem and actually sorting out the solution themselves. However, sometimes they need to get very specific advice on matters of constitution or insurance.  You see it depends on what a club needs and if they ask for that advice or help. Sometimes a club only wants to run an idea past us to see if we know of it being done elsewhere or if we think it will work.  Other times it is help to find a speaker on a specific topic, or what can we tell them about seeking a grant from say Be Connected. 

ASCCA’s website has historically hosted a wealth of information, of which some is now archived.   We are working towards providing a list of these archived resources, which may be requested via email. Our reasons for having less of these online is an economical one, we have streamlined the amount of data on this site in order to keep our costs down.

Our member clubs have a listing showing their contact details on a new Google Map on our website, which has a list and search function built in. There is a how to video for this resource here.

In spite of being the national peak body for seniors and technology ASCCA has no core funding and relies on project funding and volunteers to promote the value of technology for seniors. 
We have always been aware that ASCCA had to meet the needs of clubs outside NSW and with that aim in mind ASCCA has acknowledged and addressed some inhibiting factors in its relevancy to some Clubs not in NSW.

  • In recent years ASCCA has actively sought to expand its’ network and now delivers programs into Western Australia and Northern Territory
  • The Board of Directors too has spread more widely to include Western Australia, ACT and Queensland, as well as New South Wales.
  • Video Conferencing now plays a key role in the delivery to regional and remote areas, thereby eliminating the tyrannies of distance that once hindered involvement by Clubs located outside the greater Sydney area.
  • ASCCA has itself embraced new technologies to keep abreast with the growing demand of the public who have an appetite for new and innovative software.

What suggestions would you make so that ASCCA became more relevant to your Club?

As ASCCA supports clubs we hope that clubs in turn will be supportive of what ASCCA does and be proud that they are a driving force within the network of ASCCA clubs. 

Membership forms

2023/24 Membership Form

Please note that this is an online form​, and it will require Club Directors to fill it out online – there is only the one dual-use form for both renewal and new member applications now. 

We have added the link to the image of the QR code on this page, you may either click it directly from your browser, or you can use your smart phone or tablet to scan it to take you directly to the online form.  

If you would like more information on QR codes, please send an email to us using this link.

Club Development Kits

Starting a Club – currently being reviewed by our Volunteers [May 2022]

Starting a Club being auspiced by another organisation – currently being reviewed by our Volunteers [May 2022]

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