Update Time!

update time

Time to check Apple, Android and Windows devices for updates .

Apple’s latest operating systems for its devices have arrived, and as always, they fix security vulnerabilities as well as introducing new features. 

For iPhones and Apple Watches, the new iOS 16 and watchOS 9 have arrived. 

If you go to apple.com/iOS, you’ll find all the features, details and benefits of the new OS, of which there are many, including editing sent iMessage messages, undo send of Apple Mail, a new Lock Screen, better voice dictation features and much more. 

For those wishing to wait for iOS 16.1 first, Apple has also launched iOS 15.7, which should avoid any compatibility issues with apps iOS 16 might cause until apps are updated. 

iOS 16 is available for iPhone 8 models and up. 

WatchOS 9 also brings better notifications, more health features and lots more, but you can only download it once iOS 16 or later is on your iPhone. 

The iPad gets iOS 15.7 and macOS goes to 12.6 – in October when new iPads and Macs are launched, we’ll see iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 released. 

Microsoft also had its Patch Tuesday recently with several updates for security, while Google Pixel phones can update to Android 13, with other Android-based smartphones to get updates over the next few months and throughout next year.

However many Android phones do get security updates once a month, so it’s always worth checking in the settings if an update is available for your Android device. 

So please make sure to update, it’s important to fix security issues and there are new features to enjoy, but if you do rely on specific apps, visit the app’s page in the App Store and make sure they’re compatible with iOS 16 first. 

Reddit and a general Google search can help you find out as well. 

If an app you need isn’t updated yet and you’re on an iPhone, then only update to iOS 15.7. 

Happy updating and talk next week!

Alex Zaharov-Reutt
Director Sponsorship and Promotions