‘Tis the Season of the Scammer!

A cartoon of a person using their smartphone to purchase Christmas gifts online, while a masked person is greedily taking the money and the gift

The Christmas and New Year Period is an opportunistic scammer’s ideal hunting ground, don’t be their prey!  Keep talking about some of the potential scams and how to spot them with your members, family and friends!

Some Common Christmas scams

A row of Christmas baubles in red, green, yellow and blue

Fake parcel delivery

Scammers impersonate reputable delivery services and send dodgy messages telling consumers a parcel is on the way.
These texts come with prompts to click a link to track delivery, which then often downloads software onto the device allowing the scammer to steal money or information, or may take shoppers to a fake website.
Consumers are advised to never click links sent via SMS or email and always visit the business website directly to find out about their order.

Buying and selling scams

Cyber crooks also take advantage of the festive season through fake websites selling goods and services at prices that may seem too good to be true.
Shoppers should be on alert if buying from a business they have never heard of, and always check online to see if they are legitimate.

Charity scams

Scammers do not shy away from taking advantage of Australians’ generosity during the holidays by setting up fake donation websites or posing as door-knocking appeals.
It is recommended to always check if an organisation is legitimate before offering a payment, including looking them up on the national charity register.
Never click on the links in SMSs or emails to verify their legitimacy.

Investment scams

These scams continue to dominate reported cases and trick Australians by offering quick, high cash for minimal effort.
If an offer appears too good to be true, it usually is. Remember to always speak with a known finance professional before making an investment.