Thank you Anuska  

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our intern, Anushka, for her tremendous efforts over the past few months in her role as Grants Support Officer.   Anushka and I have worked together with various grant applications for ASCCA. Although she has this week completed her internship, Anushka has expressed a desire to continue contributing to ASCCA on a voluntary basis, which we are thrilled to support. 

Anushka, a young woman with long dark hair and glasses, holding a certificate of appreciation, stands next to Jenny, an older woman with short grey hair and glasses. They are both smiling and standing indoors. The certificate has the ASCCA logo and reads ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ awarded to Anushka Mukherjee.

We are thrilled to share the accomplishments of our intern, Anushka, who has been a valuable part of the ASCCA team over the past Semester. Anushka is soon to Graduate with a degree in Economics and has brought fresh insights and dedication to her role at ASCCA. 

During her internship, Anushka’s primary responsibility was to research, identify, and submit grant applications to support various ASCCA projects moving forward. Her meticulous research and strategic approach have been instrumental in helping ASCCA apply for potential funding opportunities, which are vital for the continuation and expansion of our programs and services. 

Anushka worked closely with our team to understand the needs of ASCCA and align them with suitable grant opportunities. Her contributions included: 

  • Extensive Research: Anushka conducted thorough research to identify grants and funding sources that align with ASCCA’s mission and objectives. 
  • Grant Applications: She prepared and submitted detailed grant applications, ensuring that all required information was accurately presented to increase our chances of securing funding. 
  • Collaborative Efforts: Anushka worked collaboratively with various team members to gather necessary data and insights, ensuring that our grant applications were comprehensive and well-supported. 

Anushka’s efforts have not only helped us in seeking new funding opportunities but have also provided a solid foundation for future grant applications. Her hard work and commitment to ASCCA have been truly commendable. 

As Anushka’s internship comes to an end, we are delighted that she has expressed a desire to continue her involvement with ASCCA on a voluntary basis. Her passion for our cause and her dedication to making a difference are greatly appreciated. 

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Scott and his team at Centre for Accessibility Australia for providing office space and internet access for Anushka during her internship. Their support has been invaluable in facilitating her work with us, and the interaction with Scott’s staff added to the learning experience as opposed to working from home in isolation. 

Thank you, Anushka, for your outstanding contributions to ASCCA. We look forward to continuing our journey together and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.