Taking Control of your own Hereafter

Or how to get your (Digital) Ducks in a Row before you Drop Dead!

Jenny has delivered her popular informational talk twice in the last month, both in Member Clubs, Willetton Digital Technology for 50+ and the Walpole Community Resource Centre.

A captive audience of around twenty people attended each workshop presented by Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) national President, Jenny Willcox, as part of the Walpole CRC’s Seniors Week events program, and at the invitation of Willetton Digital Technology for 50+ Group at the Rostrata Family Centre in Perth.
The informative topic from which many people shy away in dealing with— was aptly named ”Taking Control of your own Hereafter”. 

A room of people are watching the screen, Jenny is in the left hand side of frame, talking about before death preparation
Rostrata Centre manager, Dianne Graves introduces Jenny to the group

Those who attended readily agreed the range and number of issues that need to be known about, understood, considered, put in place and dealt with prior to and after one’s death, were far more than they had envisaged before the Workshop. Having a Will is just not enough, especially these days. 

The day was split in two – 

  • Topics that should be addressed prior to death—like Advanced Health Directives, Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Guardianship. Wills and Codicils, Executors and Digital Executors, Organ Donor registration, Funeral options, Estate and Future Planning; Assets, personal effects, Superannuation – binding and non binding beneficiaries Life Assurance beneficiaries. 
  • Topics that need to be dealt with after death—who to notify—Utilities, Centrelink bereavement payments, Funeral Directors / Undertakers, Funeral arrangements, eulogies, electronic presentations, Probate, Letters of Administration, compiling one’s Memoirs, Digital Legacies, writing your Life Story, Family History / Genealogy. 
    Credible resources covering evry topic were provided to each participant, having been sourced from WA Dept Health, Legal Aid, Citizens Advice Bureau, The Arthritis and Osteoporosis Association, Prime time and various other online avenues, allowing for private scrutiny of the valuable collection all in one place. 
    Jenny shared many personal experiences with death and dying; she has delivered this down to earth, practical workshop, as well as separate aspects of it, a number of times over several years via both face to face and virtual deliver into various locations across Australia.