Cyber Safety

Snitch on the Scammers

Telstra introduced the 7226 number for customers to report scam SMS and MMS messages. This helps their systems identify and block scams, but they need reports to be sent promptly and correctly, without screenshots, to be most effective. Telstra encourages vigilance against unexpected requests for personal information or money and to be sceptical of unexpected communications. For a comprehensive guide on how to report scams and protect yourself, visit the original Telstra article for more details.

An image depicting a mobile phone displaying a warning about a scam message, with icons of a shield and warning sign. The background shows a digital matrix of numbers, representing cyberspace. The scene conveys the concept of being vigilant against digital scams, and the phone screen should have the text 'Scam Alert' prominently displayed. The image should resonate with the theme of cybersecurity and the importance of reporting suspicious digital activities for community safety.