Scam Watch

Brett Levy sq

Have you received calls from all over the world, or SMSs that left you wondering if it was legitimate or not? 

There is an ever increasing number of spam calls at the moment so I thought I would put a segment together to give you some ideas/practices to stop or limit it.

First off some thinking :

1. Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognise – this is my wife’s favourite trick. If your phone is used for business this is not the easiest thing to do but remember if it’s important they will leave a message.
2. Never ever click on a link in a Spam SMS – this could trigger malware or even if not malicious still painful as they tag you so when you browse on the internet your browsing is tracked and you get spammed all across the web.
3. Never respond to a spam message – there are times when you want to write a whole story to them and tell them what you think of them. Don’t do it! This will confirm that your number is real and active and then you get passed around to all the other spammers and added to multiple lists.
4. If you really want to make sure the number is legit – type it into a search engine – if it belongs to a company or person you know or want to know it should pop up as such.

Right so now to the blocking part.
Once you have been spam called or received text messages do the following:

iPhone users:

Open the Phone App –> then select Recent –> tap the info icon (little “I” in a circle) next to the number you want to block and scroll down to “Block this Caller”

If it is a message open the conversation with the contact you want to block tap the contact at the top and then the info –> button scroll down and select “Block this Caller”. That’s it – blocked!

On Android there is a standard way – this may not work for all manufacturers as they all have different software and user interfaces but it’s what I used on my Google Pixel.

Open the phone app –> tap Recent –> Long press the number you want to block and then tap block/report spam. You can chose whether to uncheck the box marked report call as spam if you want and then tap “Block”. I believe on a Samsung it is similar but when you go to recent –> tap the number and tap “Details” button not long hold –> tap  “Block”.

Hopefully this stops them pestering you further.

Remember – if it is not a number you know or have in your contacts then it may be a pest.

Brett Levy
ASCCA – Director Marketing