From the President’s Desk

Jennifer Willcox

Firstly let me wish everyone a very happy easter, the year seems to be whizzing by at a rate of knots.  

This year April is a month with lots to be thankful for and offers the opportunity to spend some more time with our loved ones over the Easter Break.  

It is also a poignant time to remember the past efforts of our fallen to offer us the freedoms we enjoy today.  With all that is happening in the world today it is important to remember those who have fought for us in the past and hope that our grandchildren and future generations don’t have to do the same in future.

I would also like to thank everyone who got in touch for the heads up about Daylight Savings starting October when we announced the conference last month, that was a bit of a bummer for us – however as we are over two days we will just push the start time back an hour to provide us West Aussies a bit more civilised start time.  We are glad that you all read the finer details, it may have been put in as a test to see who is reading our eNews each month!!  ;) 

Warm regards, 
Minang / Noongar country, South Coast, Western Australia

Jennifer Willcox
Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association