Poetry Competition 2023

Guidelines and other information

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Entries Open 1st July – 14th July 2023

Entries open 1st July and close at midnight on 14th July 2023

Send your entry, with your head and shoulders (selfie) photograph and a completed entry form to competitions@ascca.org.au.
ASCCA Board members and professional poets are ineligible to enter.

All entries are to be submitted by the individual writer who is encouraged to present up to four pieces in total; each in a different category and with a unique title.

Please use – Font: Times New Roman, Size: 14 point, Lines to be double spaced. I guess you might need to research what the categories actually mean. More information can be found in this article by clicking here.


* Up to 4 topics allowed 


The beauty of everyday life and the world around us


Personal experiences and memories


Love and Romance


A funny animal, such as a clumsy elephant or a mischievous monkey


A cherished possession, object, animal, or pet


A quality or characteristic, such as bravery or kindness

Give your poems unique and creative titles. 
Champion poets— winners will be selected by judge/s. Points are scored out of ten for each poem. 1 club point is awarded for each topic entered.
Email any questions to competitions@ascca.org.au OR Phone: 0434 857 222

Poetry Competition Winners

Will be selected by judge/s who will allocate places as first, second, third and highly commended. The author may receive an evaluation from our judges.
Winners will be announced at the ASCCA Conference on 10th/11th October 2023. Their names, their selfie and entries will be published on the ASCCA website or in promotional material. The author retains the copyright.