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ACCC Opens New National Anti-Scam Centre

In a significant step towards protecting Australians from scams, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has received government funding to establish the National Anti-Scam Centre.

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As scammers become increasingly sophisticated, this initiative aims to create a unified approach to combating fraudulent activities. With the centre set to open its doors on 1 July 2023, its comprehensive information sharing capabilities will be developed over the next three years.

Building Expertise and Collaboration:

The National Anti-Scam Centre will bring together a team of experts from both government and the private sector. By pooling their knowledge and resources, these specialists will tackle harmful scams head-on, making it increasingly difficult for scammers to deceive and defraud Australians. This collaborative approach is crucial in effectively countering the evolving tactics employed by fraudsters.

ACCC’s Key Objectives:

Working across various sectors, the ACCC will employ several strategies to protect Australians from scams. Firstly, through its widely recognized Scamwatch platform, the centre will raise awareness about harmful scams and educate individuals on how to avoid falling victim to them. Additionally, the ACCC will facilitate the reporting of scams online, ensuring victims can access the necessary assistance promptly. Finally, the centre will take appropriate enforcement action when required, aiming to hold scammers accountable for their actions.

Supporting Seniors Computer Clubs:

For ASCCA clubs, staying scam-savvy is of utmost importance. The National Anti-Scam Centre’s initiatives and resources can significantly aid these clubs in supporting their members. By familiarising themselves with the centre’s work and encouraging their members to utilise Scamwatch, clubs can empower seniors with the knowledge needed to identify and avoid potential scams.

What the ACCC Does and Doesn’t Do:

While the ACCC plays a vital role in protecting Australians, it is important to understand their limitations. The centre does not create new laws, investigate individual scams, or provide legal advice or prosecute scammers for criminal offences. However, the ACCC’s focus on prevention, education, and enforcement enables them to combat scams effectively within their purview.

With the establishment of the National Anti-Scam Centre, Australia takes a proactive stance against scams. Seniors computer clubs can play a crucial role in disseminating the centre’s information, empowering their members to stay vigilant and scam-savvy. By working together, we can make it increasingly challenging for scammers to prey upon unsuspecting individuals. For more information and resources, visit the National Anti-Scam Centre’s website at

Stay informed, stay safe!