October Competitions


In anticipation of the highly-awaited ASCCA Annual Photography Competition 2023, I’d like to shed some light on how the points have been awarded in order to clarify these details so that all participants have a clear understanding of the scoring system.

The rules for the photography competition are as follows:

1. **First Place**: 40 points await the photographer who claims the coveted first-place position.

2. **Second Place**: Second place is no slouch either, with 30 points awarded to the photographer who captures the essence of excellence.

3. **Third Place**: The bronze medalist will be rewarded with 20 points for their remarkable photography skills.

4. **Highly Commended**: Even if you don’t clinch one of the top three spots, don’t despair! Those who receive a “Highly Commended” distinction will earn 10 points as recognition for their outstanding work.

But that’s not all! Here’s an exciting twist:

For each photograph entered into the competition, participants will receive an additional point for their club. This means that every submission not only contributes to your personal score but also bolsters your club’s standing.

It’s important to note that the competition points, the 40, 30, 20, and 10 points for the top positions and the additional points for entering photographs, are solely for the purpose of determining the winners in the photography competition. These points will not be added to the club points tally. This ensures a fair and balanced competition where the best photographers can shine, while club standings remain a separate entity.

With these clarifications, we hope to see photographers from across ASCCA clubs eagerly participating and capturing extraordinary moments in the ASCCA Annual Competitions 2023. Get ready to frame your vision and compete for glory while supporting your club! We can’t wait to see the stunning photographs that will emerge from this year’s competition. Stay tuned for more updates as the event draws closer. Happy clicking!

Susan Jensen
Competition Convenor