NSW Seniors Festival February 2024

The image is a promotional banner for the NSW Seniors Festival. It features a vibrant red background with confetti accents. On the left side, the text reads "NSW Seniors Festival" in large white letters, followed by the dates "11-24 March 2024" underneath in smaller text. There is a slogan "Reach beyond" below the dates. On the right side of the banner, there is the NSW Government logo with a floral motif. The central focus is on two joyful senior individuals; a man wearing a light purple shirt and a woman in an orange sweater. They are smiling broadly and appear to be sharing a joyous moment. The overall message is one of celebration and inclusivity for seniors.

If you’re around NSW in March pop in and say hi to our NSW Compals Members at their Exhibitor stand on Wed 13 March, 10.30am to 1.30pm at the Forestville Memorial Hall & Forestville Seniors Centre.

Click the link for more info on all of the Festival activities