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The nbn® Medical Alarm Register will be closing to new registrants on 30 June 2023 after almost eight years of supporting around 200,000 medically vulnerable and older Australians to migrate their medical alarms and phone and internet services to the nbn network. 

The nbn® medical alarm register will close to new users on June 30th, 2023. The register has helped almost 180,000 medically vulnerable and elderly Australians move their medical alarms and phone and internet services to the nbn network over the last nine years. The nbn® Medical Alarm Register’s purpose is to assist users with checking that their medical alarm is working correctly during their move to the nbn network.

nbn® will continue to help users with their medical alarm, phone and internet services if their disconnection date is beyond June 30th. Registration on the Medical Alarm Register is optional, and support requests after June 30th can be directed to a user’s phone and internet provider or alarm supplier. nbn® advises users to move to the nbn® network or an alternative solution before their disconnection date to avoid losing connectivity.

nbn®‘s unmonitored medical alarm upgrade offer will also close to new registrants on June 30th after four years of enabling Australians to access subsidised devices. Eligible users can receive up to an 80% discount off the normal price of an upgraded medical alarm, to a maximum of $300 off. An unmonitored medical alarm calls a family member, friend, neighbour or 000 when triggered, whereas a monitored alarm calls a 24/7 alarm-monitoring centre with a monthly fee, and a locally monitored alarm calls staff at an aged care or retirement facility.

To check eligibility for the Unmonitored Medical Alarm Upgrade Offer or to learn more, visit nbn.com.au/alarmupgrade or call 1800 003 095.