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To mark Safer Internet Day in early February, Probus South Pacific members and nbn, asked us, to participate in one of their three webinars focusing on online safety and digital capability.

The first webinar kicked off on February 8 with nbn’s Rebecca Moonen (Security and Privacy Influence and Cyber Safety Outreach Manager) presenting on scams awareness and online safety.

The second webinar was focused on digital capability and OSCAR. This is a self-assessment tool developed by nbn to give people a chance to discover their own digital skill level.

I spoke in the second webinar about my experiences with technology and, of course, ASCCA.  You can check out my conversation with nbn’s Sam DiMarco in the link to YouTube above.

nbn’s third webinar featured a cyber care specialist from IDCARE, Jason Corbett, who presented on digital identity theft, and how to help protect yourself from fraudsters.

The nbn™ website also contains a lot of great information on how to spot and avoid scams, isn’t it wonderful there are so many resources out there for our clubs to use to support their members?! 

Nan Bosler AM
ASCCA Emeritus President

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