Brisbane Seniors Online on the move again

Brisbane Seniors Online (BSOL) is on the move again. Unfortunately, this will be the 5th move since it was founded around February 2000. The current location in Gabba Towers is earmarked for demolition work associated with the reconstruction of the Gabba Cricket Ground that will increase seating capacity from 42,000 to 50,000. Brisbane Seniors Online have been issued with a directive to vacate the premises by 30 June 2024. This work is related to the upcoming Summer Olympics in Brisbane in 2032.

However, there may be a reprieve or at least a delay as the Government have put the Gabba redevelopment on hold pending a review. The project is very controversial as it will also involve the demolition of the East Brisbane State School.

In the past moves, the Queensland Government have assisted Brisbane Seniors Online in locating new locations albeit occupation of those places being short lived.

The current membership of Brisbane Seniors Online is around 650 which includes volunteer mentors, learners, associates and office volunteers. Membership recruitment has been difficult with the demise of the free community newspapers and then coronavirus meaning suspension of home lessons that are more conducive to learning. Home lessons are one of the benefits that Brisbane Seniors Online offers over classes. Our membership has dropped from over 1200 during this period. Brisbane Seniors Online have no paid staff.

There is a belief by some people that senior computer users and now coming through from the workforce and are more confident in using technology as it was more widely used in their working life. However, the 2016 ABS Census showed 692,155 over 50s living in the Greater Brisbane area (Brisbane Seniors Online coverage area) with the 2021 Census update that figure has risen to 806,918 which was an increase of 114,763. This was a result of the ageing population living longer. Therefore, there is a belief that there is still a great need for the services offered by Brisbane Seniors Online to seniors and over 50s. The proliferation of sophisticated scams and increase in cybercrime as well as the greater need to do more online has also shown how Brisbane Seniors Online can be of benefit.

The current home training offered by Brisbane Seniors Online is as a guide 12 hours of lessons on their own computer and at a pace that suits them. Learners are offered help on the things they want to know as well as what they need to know to use technology safely. Once formal training is completed, learners continue to have the support available for the balance of their membership year. Membership fees are kept low at $20 one off joining fee and $45 for a full year’s membership.

Brisbane Seniors Online members can attend any of the special interest groups of digital photography (Council Central Library in CBD), Linux (by Zoom), Apple (face-to-face) and Mentor Support (mentors by face-to-face and Zoom).

Contacts: (07) 3393 2225