Linkwest Farewells CEO

Postcard with green leaves around the edges, and the words Thank you and farewell to Jane Chilcott, outgoing CEO of Linkwest, best wishes for your future endeavours

We would like to say a fond farewell and pay tribute to Jane Chilcott, outgoing CEO of Linkwest with whom we have developed a mutually rewarding partnership over the last few years. 

Linkwest is the peak body representing Community Resource Centres and Neighbourhood Centres throughout Western Australia.   Linkwest members form a large number of ASCCA’s West Australian members, they are centres who have long been supportive of seniors and technology, particularly in rural and remote Western Australia since the early 90s. 

Jane Chilcott, is holding the letters B and C tied together, Nan Bosler and Jenny Willcox are standing to her left with white shirts on with the ASCCA logo on them.