Life Time Line

LifeTimeLine  – where you can tell your life story through photographs…

LifeTimeLine is a beautiful online space where you can create lasting lifetime stories. It’s a wonderful place for you and your family to easily build a photo library, a library full of your memories of important events in your life.  It is also a great way for families to help their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents share their memories.  
Understanding that the use of iPhone, iPad, may be limited, LifeTimeLine has been developed in a way that makes it easy to grasp and manage, building online confidence whilst providing mental stimulation and satisfaction to users in addition to enhancing communication with friends and family.

LifeTimeLine website screen shot

Opening the door for the younger generations to spend time with their parents and grand parents, helping them to create their LifeTimeLine. Once you have registered you are then ready to start adding Moments e.g. photos with a date and description, to your LifeTimeLine. Photos may be those taken with your mobile phone, or one of the many hard copy photos we all have stored about the house.  
You can add hard copy photos by simply downloading the PhotoScan app on your iPhone, or by taking a photo with you iPhone, then upload the photo to a Moment with a date and a description of up to 1000 characters. Once uploaded into your LifeTimeLine, it will appear in chronological order and there it will stay for you and your family members to enjoy forever. Each generation adding their own LifeTimeLine to create and grow a wonderful family history.
LifeTimeLine is FREE …. with Free registration, and Free unlimited photo uploads. You can Register and Upload as many photos as you wish for free.  
If you would like to Publish your LifeTimeLine, therefore allow the public to view it when searching your name on the LifeTimeLine website, you can for free and this will show 5 Moments.  
You can Publish and Un-Publish at any time.  For a great example of how your LifeTimeLine can look visit the LifeTimeLine of Chester Nutting (father of LifeTimeLine’s Co-founder Rawdyn Nutting)  
Click here to read more About LifeTimeLine:   Register by clicking this link:  . Help/Quick Start Guide:   If you have any questions please email: or contact Melissa Simmons directly on  0402 788 843, 

Enjoy the process of telling your life story!