June eNews 2022

Jennifer Willcox

Greetings everyone!

I thought April was a short month with Easter and Anzac Day holidays impacting on work days – for some of us anyway.  But May was just as short, or so it seems.

With June upon us, I think everyone is gearing up for the onslaught of Winter, well those of us who live in the southern regions are   ….   many of our friends on the East Coast have been dealing with unbelievable rain and associated floods, for many months.  The rest of us are thinking about umbrellas, warm clothes, wood fires, casseroles and activities that can be undertaken inside.  No better time than to be thinking about online learning. 

It has been sad to learn of the recent closure of several member Clubs – due mainly to the fact of cost of overheads and diminishing members.  Membership fees from fewer members don’t support the cost of rental premises, electricity, communications, etc., as well as diminishing staff and/or volunteers to help administer clubs and deliver training  – all those facts ASCCA can also mostly certainly relate to.  But where does that leave the members who find themselves Clubless?  ASCCA is currently looking at several different options on this front and we hope to bring some good news come July.  Watch this space!

Until then, hunker down, stay safe and cosy – and online!

Warm regards