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iPhone 14 SOS via Satellite now available in Australia

iPhone with the Emergency SOS via Satellite screen active

Apple introduced its Emergency SOS via satellite service for iPhone 14 users in Australia and New Zealand last month. This groundbreaking safety feature allows users to connect with emergency services even when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage available

It is accessible on all iPhone 14 models and enables users to message emergency services and share their location via satellite through the Find My app.

This service is made possible through custom-designed hardware components and integrated software in every iPhone 14 model. By connecting users to relay centres staffed with Apple-trained emergency specialists, the service can contact emergency services on the user’s behalf.

Emergency SOS via satellite has already proven to be lifesaving in the 12 countries where it has been available. The service is free for two years upon activation of a new iPhone 14 model.

The launch of this service has been welcomed by the Australian government, as it provides a crucial backup for staying connected in emergency situations, particularly in areas with limited mobile coverage. Users are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this feature and check if their device supports it.

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