Get Online Week – November

Get Online Week with ASCCA

Get Online Week: A Cuppa and Connectivity with ASCCA

In our continued mission to bridge the digital divide and empower seniors through technology, ASCCA proudly accepted the offered role of Get Online Week Ambassador for Good Things Foundation and the Be Connected project. It was a week filled with learning, sharing, and, of course, enjoying a cuppa together.

Virtual Morning Tea and Goodie Boxes

As part of Get Online Week, we hosted our own Virtual Morning Tea, and the response was incredible. We sent out goodie boxes to our member clubs all across Australia, giving them the opportunity to join us for a cuppa and some interactive fun. Inside those boxes were treats like tea, coffee, sneaky snacks, party poppers, and even a tricky balloon for our digital treasure hunt and a kahoot quiz!

A screenshot of an online virtual meeting titled "Get Online Week - Virtual Morning Tea". There are seven video tiles showing:
1. A woman wearing glasses and a white top, with the label "ASCCA".
2. An older man with glasses and a grey beard.
3. An older woman wearing glasses and a beige top.
4. Hilda Volk in a video frame, wearing a black suit and talking, with two tiles beside her, labeled "HV" and "A", respectively.
5. A larger tile in the foreground showing a paused video from "Google: The Keyword" featuring a clip titled "Newspaper on Google Pixel" showing hands flipping through a newspaper.
6. An audio-only participant labeled "Alex (Guest)".
7. A video tile of a woman with glasses and a headset, with the label "Joan A".
There are icons for chat, Q&A, and emojis on the left side, while the right side shows the date "19/10/2022", time "8:38 AM", and temperature "14°C".

A massive thank you to our special guest speaker, Alex Zaharov-Reutt, who shared insights into the latest tech updates and touched on how we can incorporate developments in AI into our everyday online and offline lives. If you missed it, don’t worry – we recorded the event, and you can catch it on our YouTube channel soon!

Online meeting with several participants. One panel displays 'Peak body empowering Australia through Technology since 1998' with a blue banner and logos. Several attendees are visible, including a woman named Jennifer Willcox speaking, a woman named Natika Hawes-Wright showing a parcel with a QR code, a man named Alex in an office setting, a man named Mike Cassidy with glasses, and two other individuals. The backdrop of the meeting features various interiors of the participants' rooms.

Participants were encouraged to find an online tutorial to turn that balloon into something extraordinary, but it quickly turned into a “how to blow up a long balloon” challenge without a pump!

Supporting Other Events and Partners

But our involvement didn’t stop there. We supported other events and Be Connected Network Partners’ initiatives. Here’s a glimpse:

1. ASCCA’s Get Online Week Activity: We partnered with the Australian Museums and Galleries Association Western Australia and Collections WA (AMaGAWA) to launch their newest branch, the Motherboard Network, one of ASCCA’s newest members. This builds on the project we undertook with them through Round 8 to train and support Digital Mentors throughout their membership in regional and remote Western Australia.  

Online meeting with six participants. Mike Cassidy sips a drink, Peter McConnachie in an office with binders, Natika Hawes-Wright displays a blue balloon against a backdrop of 'Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association', the 'ASCCA President' looks forward, Barry Keen in a room with cabinets, and Brian Mackie with glasses in a lounge setting. Each participant is in their unique environment.

2. Helping Future Seniors in Kununurra: We rolled up our sleeves at the Rotary Club of Kununurra Inc.’s sundowner event, where we assisted their future, future, future seniors and trainee Digital Mentors. We also lent a hand at the Kununurra Community Library’s Get Online Week Event, which was a digital petting zoo. The event hosted a variety of seniors from around Kununurra and the library staff, all of whom have undertaken the Digital Mentor training under our Round 9 Be Connected Capacity Building project.

Indoor setting in a modern library or community space. Three seniors sit on red chairs around a table, with one woman in a floral dress in the foreground. Beside them is a banner for 'ASCCA: Empowering Australian Seniors through Technology'. The background features colourful artwork, bookshelves, a decorative giraffe, and a unique door frame. A man in a purple shirt enjoys a drink on the right.

Get Online Week was a fantastic opportunity to further our mission and engage with seniors across Australia. We’re committed to ensuring that no one gets left behind in this ever-evolving digital world.

Stay tuned for more updates and events in the coming months, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or ideas. We’re on this journey together!