From the President’s Desk June

Jennifer Willcox

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As we enter the month of June, which signals the beginning of the Ngoongar season of Makuru, which is cold and wet between now and July!  I am delighted to share this month’s news and updates with you through the ASCCA eNews.

Firstly, I would like to extend my warm wishes to our members in Western Australia as they celebrate WA Day this weekend. Formerly known as Foundation Day, this special occasion commemorates the establishment of Perth back in 1829. There’s a bronze plaque embedded into the footpath on Barrack St at the front of the Town Hall, where a Mrs Dance chopped down a tree to mark the occasion.  Now there’s something for you to find next time you’re in sunny Perth!

I also want to address the recent inquiries we have received from our clubs regarding the discounts offered by Webster’s Insurances to ASCCA members. I understand that many Clubs enjoyed these benefits in the past, with this in mind, I contacted ASCCA’s Insurance Brokers about what they could offer our members in the post COVID landscape.  This is the response I received; 

A graphic of a black swan with pink, green, yellow and blue feathers
A document with the words insurance policy

“As you are aware, any schemes we had in place with underwriters for interest groups/NFP groups ceased some years back.  Insurers withdrew their support providing  discounted rates as it was not productive to continue with the existing schemes as this area of clientele often is high touch and required a lot of attention.

We help when we can as we are fully aware of how difficult it is these days for groups to manage financially.”

We have our next Clubs Forum scheduled for Friday this week.  This month will focus on an intro to Canva, including how your clubs can access the not for profit free versions.  

In addition to these updates, I encourage you to stay tuned for the exciting events and activities lined up by ASCCA in the coming months. We are dedicated to providing engaging programs, informative webinars, and opportunities for social connection within our vibrant community.

As always, I am grateful for your ongoing support and dedication to ASCCA. Your enthusiasm and passion continue to inspire us in our mission to empower and enrich the lives of seniors through digital literacy. Together, we are embracing the ever-evolving world of technology and creating a more inclusive and connected society.

An iPad surrounded by paints, brushes and crayons, with the Canva logo in the middle of the screen

Thank you for being a part of ASCCA, and please enjoy this month’s edition of the ASCCA eNews.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Willcox

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