From the President’s Desk

The image is a portrait of Jennifer Willcox, ASCCA President, a smiling senior woman with short grey hair. She's wearing glasses, hoop earrings, and a black V-neck top. A gold necklace with a circular pendant sits at her collarbone. The background is plain white, highlighting her as the main subject. Her cheerful expression conveys warmth and approachability.

Happy New Year!

Greetings and Happy New Year to you all!  

We do so trust that caring and sharing with family and friends over the festive season was high on your Agendas, with a touch of relaxation, in preparation for a full year ahead.

I would also like to wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, this, the year of the Rabbit begins on 3rd February, let us celebrate the rich tapestry of Australia’s diverse cultures.

The image displays a festive greeting card with a deep navy blue background. At the center, there is elegant, cursive white text that reads "Happy New Year" with the year "2024" just below it. The text is framed by two horizontal golden lines that add a touch of elegance. Above and below the text, there are stylized illustrations of foliage and snowflakes in various shades of blue, creating a symmetrical and decorative border. The leaves have a whimsical design, and the snowflakes add a winter holiday vibe to the card.
The image is a stylised depiction of a traditional Chinese dragon in a square format, designed in a monochromatic green and cream colour palette. The dragon is intricately detailed with swirls, dots, and scale patterns, exuding a sense of movement and cultural significance. The top right corner features a circular emblem with the year "2024" inscribed in a textured font, while the bottom right corner holds Chinese characters within a border, they say New Year. The background is patterned with a cloud-like design, adding depth to the overall image. The artwork is emblematic of Chinese heritage.

This occasion reminds us of the wonderful diversity within our communities and the joy of acknowledging and celebrating together. May this Chinese New Year bring you joy, peace, and prosperity.

Here at ASCCA we haven’t been totally idle over the time and will be announcing new and exciting initiatives going forward.

Firstly, Clubs Forums
As per the details further in this eNews, the day will change to the second Friday in each month with the time remaining at 11am WST all year round.  Registration is required for each session, still delivered via Microsoft Teams.

The content will take on a different slant – bringing practical guidance on the various topics included in the Be Connected program.  We will invite participant interaction throughout to provide a whole perspective on how to get the best out of the lesson portal that can then be shared with other Club members. 

First cab off the rank, and as it’s still holiday time for some, the February topic is “researching and booking travel online”. 

And we will be welcoming back special guest Alex Zaharov-Reutt who will tell us about his recent exciting time at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas

A round of applause for ASCCA’s Director – Accessibility, Dr. Scott Hollier, now also a member of the Board of Directors at ACCAN – the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network. And a massive congrats to Scott’s team on the triumph at the Australian Access Awards. Digital accessibility matters, and they’re leading the way!

Congratulations to the Country Womens Association of WA for its 100 year Anniversary.  CWA of WA has been a Network Partner with ASCCA, Linkwest and WA Mensheds in Be Connected Capacity Building projects since 2020.   All the best to all the branches, Statewide on this milestone. 

The image is a logo commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Country Women's Association of Western Australia (CWA of WA). It features a circular emblem with a tree at the center, representing growth and community. The tree has a dense canopy with blue leaves, and roots are visible at the base, symbolizing the deep history of the organization. Surrounding the tree, the text "Celebrating 100 Years" arches over the top half. The dates "1924-2024" are placed at the bottom of the circle, marking the centenary. Below the emblem, the full name of the association, "COUNTRY WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA INC", is written out in capital letters. The overall color scheme is blue and white, suggesting trust, reliability, and a sense of calm and unity.

On a final note, there are some important points to note about some upcoming changes at the ATO that may affect some clubs, our Accountant Michael Ludowici has summarised it for you in an item here.

Warm regards, 

Jennifer Willcox Dip Mgt MICDA
Minang / Noongar country, South Coast, Western Australia
Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association
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