Embrace the Festive Season with Engaging Holiday Workshops for your Members

A cozy Christmas scene with a beautifully decorated tree covered in snow-like flocking, red ornaments, and pine cones. Next to the tree, a stack of wrapped gifts in brown paper with red ribbons. A rustic wooden fireplace is adorned with evergreen garland, candles, and stockings with red and white stripes hanging in anticipation. A red checkered blanket adds warmth to the scene

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time for our member clubs to infuse some festive spirit into their activities. Here are some workshop ideas that can add a spark to the lead-up to Christmas:

1. Churches – Live Streaming Christmas Services

In this digital age, bring the joy of Christmas services directly to your members. Host a workshop on live streaming Christmas services from churches around the world. Explore the magic of the Vatican’s grand celebrations or immerse in the serene atmosphere of Canterbury Cathedral. These workshops not only connect members with global holiday traditions but also provide an opportunity to learn and share tips on virtual attendance.

Here are some links to virtual Christmas services for 2023 from renowned cathedrals and churches:

  • Canterbury Cathedral: Canterbury Cathedral broadcasts its services daily on its YouTube channel. This includes their Christmas services, allowing you to participate virtually in their celebrations. For more information and access to the broadcasts, visit their website: Canterbury Cathedral Online Worship​​.
  • The Vatican: The Vatican typically hosts Christmas season liturgical celebrations led by the Pope. These celebrations are often broadcast online. For detailed information about the services and how to access them virtually, you can visit the Vatican News website: The Pope’s Liturgical Celebrations for the Christmas Season​​.
  • Washington National Cathedral: This cathedral also offers services during the Advent and Christmas season. You can find more information about their virtual services and how to access them on their website: Advent & Christmas – Washington National Cathedral​​.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral, London: St Paul’s Cathedral hosts a variety of services and concerts during the Advent and Christmas season. These events are open to everyone, and while it’s not explicitly stated if they will be available virtually, you can find more information and stay updated by visiting their website: Advent and Christmas at St Paul’s Cathedral​​.

We recommend checking these websites closer to the dates for specific details on virtual access and any updates to their Christmas service schedules.

2. Virtual Tour Extravaganza

Transport your members to iconic holiday destinations without leaving the comfort of their homes. Consider organising virtual tours of renowned Christmas markets, historical landmarks, or winter wonderlands. It’s a delightful way to explore the festive charm of different places while embracing the spirit of the season.

A person's hands holding a tablet displaying a modern living room. The room features a gray sofa with patterned cushions, a stylish white sideboard with decorative items, a tripod floor lamp, and a large window allowing natural light to enter. This image represents a virtual interior design or real estate presentation

3. Storytelling and Memory Sharing

A senior couple engaged in reading together. The woman, with short silver hair and wearing a light blue cardigan, is smiling softly as she looks down at the book. The man, with white hair and wearing a dark sweater over a collared shirt, is also focused on the book. They appear relaxed and content, sharing a moment of quiet companionship.

Create a heartwarming workshop where members can share their favourite holiday memories. Whether it’s a cherished family tradition, a memorable Christmas celebration, or a nostalgic journey down memory lane, storytelling can be a beautiful way to connect generations. This workshop can be facilitated in person or virtually, allowing everyone to participate.

4. Tech-Savvy Holiday Decorations

Combine technology with festive flair by hosting a workshop on creating tech-inspired holiday decorations. From DIY digital Christmas cards to virtual reality holiday scenes, members can explore innovative ways to add a modern touch to their holiday décor. This workshop aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering seniors through technology.

A festive holiday-themed workspace featuring a laptop with earbuds on a white wooden surface. The laptop is adorned with a sprig of evergreen and holly berries, alongside a red bauble, pine cones, and wrapped gifts with green paper and yellow ribbons, suggesting a cozy, celebratory atmosphere.

These workshop ideas aim to foster a sense of community, creativity, and festive joy among our members. Feel free to adapt and customise these activities to suit the unique preferences and interests of your club. Wishing you a season filled with laughter, learning, and shared experiences! 

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