Creative Writing Competition 2023

Guidelines and Categories

Creative writing

Entries open 2nd – 16th August 2023.

Entries open Wednesday 2nd August and close at midnight on Wednesday 16th August 2022.

Send your entries, with your head and shoulders (selfie) photograph and a completed entry form to
ASCCA Board members and professional writers are ineligible to enter.

Your story needs to be crafted creatively. It should have a beginning, a middle and an end. All entries are to be submitted by the individual writer who is encouraged to present up to three pieces in total; each in a different category, and each of which has a 1000 word limit.

It is IMPORTANT to use – Font: Times New Roman, Size: 14 point, Lines to be double spaced.


Up to three topics allowed

1. What my mother (father) said – Something said that has stayed with you through your life and how it has affected you.
2. In transit  Just passing through on the journey of a lifetime.
3. A storm in a teacup – Enjoy being the centre of attention, telling elaborate stories to keep people’s thoughts centres on you
4. In the eeriness of the night Reflect on an occurrence that was frightening because it was dark.
5. The train – This may be a memorable occurrence or story of a model train.
6. Childhood What was it like from the viewpoint of a child?

Champion Creative Writers 

Give your story a unique and creative title. Do not use AI technology.

Champion Creative Writers — winners will be selected by judge/s. Points are scored out of ten for each story. 1 club point for each topic entered.

Winners will be announced at the ASCCA Conference 2023
Their names, their selfie and entries will be published on the ASCCA website and on our YouTube channel or in promotional material. The author retains the copyright.