Creative Writing Competition 2022

Guidelines and Categories

Creative writing

Entries open 2nd August and close at midnight on 16th August 2022.

The six categories include enough scope and a broad enough explanation to allow for a range of entrants with a wide range of skills and imagination to confidently enter any category. All entries are to be submitted by the individual writer who is encouraged to present up to three pieces in total; each in a different category, and each of which has a 1000 word limit.

Up to three topics allowed

1. What it means to be a man (woman) The essence of being male or female of any age.
2. Why the dog is better than a cat (or vice-versa) This could be a debate style piece – or not.
3. El Nino The downside of the seasonal or climatic changes you have experienced
4. Reflections Reflect on an occurrence and how the impact would have changed if…
5. My trusted friend This is to be about a human friend.
6. The terrible thing that happened on Christmas Eve What was the effect of the event?
Please avoid anything to do with a pandemic.

Champion Creative Writers 

Winners will be selected by judge/s.

40 points for first place, 30 points for second place
20 points for third place, 10 points for highly commended, 1 club point for each topic entered.

Winners will be announced at the ASCCA Conference on 10th November.
Their names, their selfie and entries will be published on the ASCCA website after 10th November 2022.

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