Creative Digital Photography Competition 2023

Guidelines and Categories

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Entries open 15th – 30th September 2023.

The approach this year is on creativity and interpretation of the categories. Photographic technical ability is still important but not more important than the creative interpretation of the subject. Considering both will allow all entrants to show their abilities. The seven categories include enough scope and a broad enough explanation to allow entrants with a wide range of skills and imagination to confidently enter any category. All entries are to be submitted by the individual photographer who is permitted to present one photograph, to a maximum size of 4MB in each category, taken between 2nd September 2022 and 15th September 2023. No post camera manipulation will be permitted — except minor cropping, straightening and exposure adjustments.

Up to seven photos allowed

1. People – Significant Others – This is a photo of someone who has made a significant impression on the photographer. The challenge is to capture within the photo an aspect of or something about this person that captures why he or she is such an unforgettable person.
2. Companionable animals – Filling a void (or finding a place) at any age. Capturing the magical attraction of small furry, hairy, scaled or feathered companions.
3. Nature – The Seasons and Weather – The delights and excitement of the seasonal or climatic changes in the natural world around you.
4. Shadows – An image of a dark area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. It may occupy all or some of the space behind an object with it being illuminated by a light source. The image may be just the shadow or both the shadow and the object that is being projected in silhouette.
5. In Transit – Anything that depicts something in motion or transition. Could be people, objects, vehicles, an aspect of a city or even the world.
6. Simplicity – Images which say more with less and/or by powerful composition and/or the use or absence of colour.
7. Close Up – Could be something captured in macro or simply shot to fill the frame by having the camera close. Or the subject/s may be simply close up to each other (eg Pets or people).

Champion Digital Photographers 

Winners will be selected by judge/s.

40 points for first place, 30 points for second place, 20 points for third place, 10 points for highly commended. 1 club point for each photograph entered.

Winners will be announced at the ASCCA Conference 10th/11th October 2023.
Their names, selfies and entries will be published on the ASCCA website or socials afterwards. The Photographer retains ownership.
Any questions, please email or phone 0434 857 222.