Conference Update

The 24th Annual Technology Conference for Seniors is all about making digital life FUN, and SAFE!

This year’s conference preparations are underway for another online conference – just to err on the side of caution and let the pandemic fizzle out in earnest.  

This year’s theme is “Making digital life fun and safe!”.   The conference committee is working towards securing more amazing speakers this year.  The benefit of the conference being online is that we have the world of speakers at our Zoom tips … 

For this year’s conference we are working on making it even more interactive than the last – the ASCCA conferences past have been great opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new ones, and we are hoping to bring a bit more of an opportunity to socialise around the virtual coffee station this year! 

2021 conference featuring Nan, Jenny, Alex, Tony and our keynote speaker, Kamahl
Last year’s online Conference, featuring Celebrity Guest Speaker, Kamahl

We are also looking for member clubs that would like to speak to the topics we feel would be of interest to other members.  

The topics we are looking for are Resilience and Rebuilding and (our conference theme) Making Digital Life Fun and Safe

The first topic Resilience and Rebuilding has been chosen as we are aware that COVID has really knocked the wind out of many of our member clubs’ sails.  Has your Club managed to thrive in spite of the COVID lockdowns?  Have you managed to bring new members into your club? We’d love you to share your experiences at the conference to help inspire and encourage our members to get back on the horse and rebuild their clubs.

The second topic, Making Digital Life Fun and Safe, is all about technology bringing fun to our seniors, while learning how to stay safe online. Does your club have anything that they mentor or coach in that might be a bit different and fun, all while maintaining online safety for our seniors?  What are some of the fun things that technology has opened up for your members?  We’d love to hear about the things you’re doing to keep your members engaged in having fun whilst maintaining their focus on online safety.  

If either of these sound like your club, we’d love to hear from you!  You can email me on if you’re interested in being one of our presenting Clubs. 

We will be bringing out more details as the plans are locked in – and watch out for early bird tickets – which we hope to have online and ready for purchase by next month’s eNews! 

Alex Zaharov-Reutt
Conference Convenor