August Competition Update

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Great news!

Fourteen members entered the Poetry Competition, with 46 poems submitted.

We are thrilled to announce that our Poetry Competition received an overwhelming response from our talented members! A total of fourteen members participated in this delightful event, showcasing their creativity and love for literature.

The poetry entries came from two of our vibrant clubs, namely Newcastle and AUSOM, who made this competition all the more exciting. In total, we received 46 incredible poems, each a unique expression of artistry and emotion.

Among the various categories, Acrostic emerged as the most popular, attracting 10 exceptional entries. The creativity displayed in this category was truly remarkable. On the other hand, Sonnet, known for its lyrical beauty, received 5 enchanting entries, making it the least represented category in the competition.

Now, the anticipation builds as all the poems have been passed on to our esteemed panel of judges. We want to extend our gratitude to each participant for sharing their talents with us. Rest assured, the judges have a tough but delightful task ahead of them as they evaluate these exceptional pieces of art.

As the Poetry Competition has officially come to a close, we wish all the participants the best of luck! The winners for each category will be announced during our upcoming Conference on October 10th, 2023. We look forward to celebrating the poetic brilliance of our members during this grand event.

Moreover, we hope to see an even greater turnout for our next creative endeavor, the Creative Writing Competition, which is set to open its doors on August 2nd. Let’s keep the creative spirit alive and continue to showcase the immense talent within our ASCCA community.

Best wishes to all, and thank you for making our Poetry Competition a resounding success!

Warm regards,

Susan Jensen
Competition Convenor