June 2024

From the President’s Desk

The image is a portrait of Jennifer Willcox, ASCCA President, a smiling senior woman with short grey hair. She's wearing glasses, hoop earrings, and a black V-neck top. A gold necklace with a circular pendant sits at her collarbone. The background is plain white, highlighting her as the main subject. Her cheerful expression conveys warmth and approachability.

June 2024 eNews

Dear ASCCA Members, 

I hope this message finds you well. I am pleased to provide an update on the significant progress and activities our Board members have been undertaking of late.

We are currently in the process of recruiting a CEO for ASCCA, a role that will initially be voluntary. Our goal is to secure funding through grant-based sources to financially support this position into the future. Over the past month, our board members have been diligently conducting interviews from a highly competitive field of candidates. We anticipate announcing the successful candidate in the coming weeks. 

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Thank you Anuska  

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our intern, Anushka, for her tremendous efforts over the past few months in her role as Grants Support Officer.   Anushka and I have worked together with various grant applications for ASCCA. Although she has this week completed her internship, Anushka has expressed a desire to continue contributing to ASCCA on a voluntary basis, which we are thrilled to support. 

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Brisbane Seniors Online plan mentor training day

Logo of Brisbane Seniors Online Association Inc. (BSOL), featuring the acronym ‘BSOL’ in large black letters. Above the ‘O’ is a graphic of a globe highlighting the Australia-Asia region, with a USB connector beneath it. The globe appears to be emerging from a silver laptop, which lies flat at the bottom of the logo.

Brisbane Seniors Online have scheduled a training and upskilling training day for active volunteer mentors in late July. This is known as BSOLutions and most recently been held in 2021 and 2023 in the beautiful Queensland Cricketer’s Club that overlooks the Gabba Cricket and Football ground. Publicity officer Dick Bennett said he hopes to run this event annually and for 2024 and 2025 have received substantial grants to run the events. COTA (Qld) who work collaboratively with Brisbane Seniors Online have offered BSOL funding to run the 2024 event. CEO of COTA (Qld) Darren Young is the current Patron of Brisbane Seniors Online. The 2025 event is being funded by a Federal Volunteers grant supported by Federal Member for Griffith Max Chandler-Mather with funding supplied by the Department of Social Security. 

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Cyber Safety Alert: Beware of myGov Scam Emails 

Logo of myGov, featuring the Australian Government coat of arms on the left, a black geometric arrow symbol in the centre, and the text ‘myGov’ on the right, all set against a light blue background

In recent weeks, we have seen a troubling increase in the number of scam emails claiming to be from myGov landing in inboxes. These emails are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can appear very convincing, posing a significant threat to our cyber safety. 

These scam emails often mimic legitimate myGov communications, making it difficult to distinguish them from the real thing. The scammers behind these emails aim to steal personal information or install malicious software on your device by tricking you into clicking on links or providing sensitive information. If you receive an email that you suspect might be a scam, here are some crucial steps to protect yourself: 

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