Brett’s Scam Watch

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Celebrities are into investing, why aren’t you?

Given the glut in the world Stock markets I thought I would share this.

You’ve probably all seen the ads or emails about high-profile celebrities – Hugh Jackman! Nicole Kidman! – promoting Bitcoin investment platforms that promise guaranteed 1000% profits.

Click through and you’ll be taken to a legitimate seeming website and asked to register your interest. From there, you may receive a phone call encouraging you to send a small amount of money or crypto to start your account. When that appears to go up in value (and you can usually track it in ‘real-time’ on a sophisticated but completely fake account dashboard), you’ll be asked to send more. The number will keep on going up and up, until you try and withdraw your newfound gains and discover that they were only ever numbers on a screen.

Cryptocurrency and clickbaiting
Click baiting using celebrities is a common way to get users to click links online to harvest your information.

Investment schemes have long been the biggest single part of the scam landscape and cryptocurrencies are driving it to new heights – almost $100 million has been lost to investment-based scams so far this year.

Stay safe,

Brett Levy
ASCCA Director