End of Financial Year Scams

Brett Levy sq

Are you ready to spot the EOFY Scammers?

Well as you know it is EOFY (end of Financial Year) and this means it is the beginning of another wave of online sales, and scammers. Unfortunately it is these seasonal activities that bring out the worst of the worst.

If you are looking at getting some good deals please only buy from legitimate site like Amazon, eBay etc. Now this does not mean you shouldn’t support the small companies – but you need to be vigilant when clicking on an offer or searching and then finding you are on a dodgy site!

The rule of thumb is if you are searching and find a good deal. Google the company in a new tab or browser and see if anything comes up about them. This is not fool proof but even if they are legitimate, if they offer bad service or products chances are you will find this information and then can make an informed decision. 

Remember a good deal is only a good deal when it is a real deal! 

Please be careful and when in doubt, check, check again and if you still not sure, don’t do it!

Brett Levy
ASCCA Director