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“Your email is sending spam”

The world is crazy at the moment. With war in Russia, China making (another) play for Taiwan, Covid slowing and then ramping up voraciously and floods decimating our eastern starboard  it is crazy times.

It is also perfect breeding grounds for scammers. They love it when the attention and focus is on these types of events as it allows for them to wreak havoc on us too.
The latest trick I just saw was I received an email saying that my email is sending spam emails.
There is a link for you to click to sign in and rectify this.
The first red flag is there is no way a mail server from a company(you probably never heard of) know how you host your email so how could they possibly send you a link to click and log in to?
Secondly, although spoofing (when your email address is cloned and used to send spam) is real, no one is going to contact you to tell you that you are spoofing they will just block you.
So, when you receive an email asking you to “click” to log in, the rule of thumb, although more effort, is to open a browser and manually type the website and then if it is legit, log in.”

Brett Levy
ASCCA Director

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