Be Connected – February 2024

A bright, modern library setting with groups of people seated at tables, engaged in discussions. On the right side stands a prominent banner for the "Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA)", showcasing its mission to empower seniors with technology since 1998. The banner displays images of seniors using devices. In the background, bookshelves are filled with various titles, and there's a colourful kids' corner. The environment is well-lit, fostering a communal and collaborative atmosphere.

Be Connected Capacity Building

As we are now at the halfway point of our current Be Connected Capacity Building project our final four Digital Mentor training dates have been set during February and March 2024.

The Indian Ocean Group Training Association, which has been working on their Be Connected projects since 2020, has requested Natika’s help to bolster the digital lives of their senior community members. Tik is off to provide (at their request) refresher sessions for their existing Digital Mentors, and to also work with their Mentors and Seniors and train some new Digital Mentors face to face at the Community Resource Centre (CRC) on Cocos and Christmas Islands in mid February. 

The image captures an interactive moment between two digital mentors on Christmas Island partaking in Be Connected training. On the left, a woman wearing a hijab is writing notes. She's focused on the material in front of her, which includes a workbook and a smartphone. Across from her, another woman is engaged in conversation, gesticulating with one hand, and holding a pen in the other, suggesting an active discussion. She wears a printed dress and has her hair styled up. On the table lies a plate with colorful candy wrappers, adding a festive touch to the setting. In the blurred background, other participants are also seated at tables with laptops and training materials, all engrossed in their work. The environment is one of focused learning and collaboration.

During March we will be holding two face-to-face sessions in Perth and Harvey.  The Perth session is being hosted with partners, Centre for Accessibility Australia. This collaboration is a testament to our ongoing commitment to creating inclusive digital landscapes. Additionally, our previous partnership with AMaGA and Harvey History Online in Harvey continues to bolster our network of support.

As we approach the completion of our grant outcomes for this round, we’re just 24 Digital Mentors shy of the finish line. With that goal in sight, we’re hosting another session (across two mornings vai Zoom) before Easter, open to all who wish to access this free, full day of Be Connected Digital Mentor Training.  

The image depicts a group of four individuals engaged in a training session at the Nannup Community Resource Centre (CRC). A woman on the right, dressed in a burgundy polo shirt, appears to be leading the discussion, gesturing with her hands as she explains a point. Across from her, three participants are attentively listening. One woman in a blue polo shirt is sitting with her arms crossed, another woman in a black shirt is smiling and holding a pen, and a bearded man in a grey shirt is observing the conversation. On the table are various training materials, including booklets with the ASCCA (Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association) logo, a closed laptop, smartphones, and a bottle of water. The CRC logo is visible in the background, adding context to the location of the meeting. The atmosphere seems collaborative and focused on learning.

For more details and to register for a spot in the training, please check our SWADE section on our website. (

Together, let’s build a future where every senior can confidently click, swipe, and explore the digital universe. Your knowledge and enthusiasm are the keys to unlocking a world of possibilities for our seniors.

Key Dates:

Digital Mentor Refresher: Monday 19th February 2024 

Digital Mentor Training: 

Tuesday 20th February 2024 

Tuesday 12th March 2024 
Uduc Hall, HARVEY, WA

Wednesday 13th March 2024 
Centre for Accessibility Australia – Belmont Hub, CLOVERDALE WA

Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March 2024
Free full day training delivered across two morning sessions, fully interactive – active camera and microphone required to participate, delivered via Zoom. Participants MUST be available for both sessions.

Full details and booking links can be found here.

Get Online Week 2024 dates announcement

Add this to your calendar! Get Online Week 2024 will be 14 – 20 October.

Our national digital inclusion campaign has confirmed dates, and we are already excited 🎉.

We want to have you on board (again) so you can join the hundreds of organisations that hosted an event helping more than 23,000 people around Australia get online in the 2023 campaign.

Natika Hawes-Wright
Be Connected Lead Digital Mentor