Be Connected Update

ASCCA SWADE Project Be Connected Capacity Builder

I hope that everyone has had a relaxing and stress-free time over the course of the last few months.  I know that the festive season has been challenging for many communities around Australia with record breaking flooding at one extreme and some nasty bush fires at the other around the country.  here in the Kimberley we have been cut off from Perth by road during the course of the once in a hundred year event at Fitzroy Crossing, knocking out Highway #1’s single lane bridge that connected us to the rest of our state (and connected the two halves of Fitzroy Crossing itself, when the river peaked at 15.8m). 

Not only are eggs increasingly difficult to come by, but so are some varieties of fresh fruit and veg, thanks to the stringent quarantine rules and the need for our food to come from Perth via South Australia and the Northern Territory now … but enough of that … 

Whilst the down time was a nice opportunity to regroup for our Be Connected network partners, it’s now time to start planning for the year ahead.  

I have been chatting with our AMaGA counterparts to find hosts for us at our next lot of Regional WA based face to face Digital Mentor training.  It is looking like we will be hosting a day in Albany and potentially Port Hedland, at some point in February/March or April.  

I will be heading to Tasmania for a bit of R & R in late March, so if there’s anyone in Tassie who might like a cuppa and a chat about using Be Connected to kick off an ASCCA Club or Group, let me know! 

If you aren’t able to make it to any of the WA based training sessions, we will be considering a Zoom session at some point early this year too.  I have opened up a number of Zoom sessions for those who are new to Be Connected, or those who have questions about how to make it work for their club.  These sessions are open to all clubs and groups, and I am available for Digital Mentor training and follow up support until August 2023 under the current project.    

I will also be available at all Clubs Forums for any questions about Be Connected each month.  

There are a number of sessions open for anyone who’s interested to learn more about Be Connected and how it might work for their Group/Club.  Places for this half hour group info session can be booked using this link.  These are open at various dates and times throughout April. 

Natika Hawes-Wright
Be Connected Lead Digital Mentor